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  • ScottA ScottA Mar 29, 2013 12:25 AM Flag

    Is this (I drafted) as bad as I think?

    C Rosario
    1b Fielder
    2b Ackley---Will be dropped very soon (last pick)
    3b Hanley Ramirez
    SS Tulowitzki
    OF Pence
    OF Beltran
    OF Reddick
    UT Lawrie
    BN Freeman
    BN Carpenter (2b when eligible)
    BN Gyroko (2b when eligible-as trade bait?)
    BN Markakis
    BN Taveras (what better backup in case Beltran gets hurt?)

    SP Hamels
    SP Bumgarner
    RP Chapman (saves and high K)
    RP Rivera
    P Estrada
    P Iwakuma
    P Jansen

    This was a tough draft for me. I had the last pick, and not a single player I was looking to draft fell to me, so I have a whole "new" team for me. Only players I recall ever owning before are Pence, Lawrie, Freeman. Standard 12 team roto. Thanks.

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    • No MI or CI in your league, so I would think that more hitters would be available. You have some very solid pieces - Tulo, Hanley, Fielder, Freeman, Lawrie, Hamels, Bumgarner, and Chapman.

      Your OF and back part of SPing needs help. You can deal one of your SS's for a solid, mid-round OF who contributes in multiple categories (somebody like Choo or and a good SP'er (a number 3 like Medlen).

      Then deal Estrada and Janssen to a team that needs a closer. Look for a manager who selected Motte (elbow problems) or Rondon (suckage problem). Get an upgrade to your SPing in the process, somebody who is reliable in WHIP, ERA, K's but may not win a ton - Shields, Kennedy, Samardjzia, for example.

      You then have an improved OF, still above-average production at SS, a solid 3B producer in Lawrie, a quality Util bat in Freeman, improved SPing (quite solid in fact).

      Something like that.

    • I think freeman is a fine pick, in a 12 team league, someone is in need of his HR and upside for 1B, there's a better SP or OF right there especially if u add in pence, markakis, or Beltran, or redick

      You have the potential and names of players, and I'd use that to trade with, not gamble with as my roster. As u said "slim" chance those picks work out for u, sell them

      I wouldn't, and I DO NOT like players that rely of FA to carry them. (except for closers and set up men, those change all the time and have to pick them up to compete) You have the means of players, trade them to improve your team, tulo, Hanley, freeman, Beltran, lot to work with

      I see u like chapman a lot, which is fine, but u aren't the only one, so I'd find another manager that is like u and trade him chapman for a nice gain where you need it, RP come and go all the time, I bet ur FA pool has 3 closers right now, trade chapman and pick them up, but that's my opinion

    • Yeah.... You're gonna' have a rough time with that one. The only good thing here is that you've got the name value in place to make over the team into a winner. I'd start shopping Hanley immediately and then sell him to the highest bidder the moment his add gets back in the line-up. Hanley isn't young any more and he's never proven much in my book. I'd probably pass on Ackley too. Kinda' sad. I remember him as a pretty decent prospect. Anyway, throw Adeiny Hechavarria on your watch list. See if he does anything. He's got a starting job and well, lets just say he can do it in more positions than the lady you might pick up down town. I'd also be attempting to trade Beltran. Now, with Beltran, I'd be making folks pay a little extra for the insurance policy, or else I'd hold onto Tavares and wait for the inevitable. Ship Lawrie out of town. He's turning into the next Ackley if you ask me. One more sub-par year and people are going to start forgetting his name, or Toronto will find someone better. I know you've got to fill in the 3B spot somehow, but I'd try and skip Lawrie. I'd also take a pass on Tulo. He's your biggest fish. Someone out there will say "position scarcity" and give you a king's ransom. The risk isn't worth the reward. You've got good front-end pitching and three quality closers. Focus on filling out the back end of that rotation.

    • U have upside 2B depth, isn't ideal, but because u have ackley, gyorko, and carpenter I wouldn't focus my upgrading there. U are right they are trade bait, but unless u can package them for the right deal I'd keep them as u need them for now

      Hanley will be helpful when not injured, lawrie is unproven so far especially with all his hype from last year. He is in a heavy line up, should do better this year. Once Hanley is healthier put him at short, trade tulo before he gets hurt

      OF is a main concern for me, then I'd like to see u gain 1 solid pitcher or 2 upside depth pitchers

      U are lacking serious speed. I mean u have hanley(20SB) then chip in guys...

      U may need to trade and down grade from players like tulo and Hanley in 2 for 1 deals gaining another SS and getting OF(SB) and SP

      Chapman and Rivera I'm sure u drafted before round 10... And where you drafted them you should have drafted better OF/SP. they can be added in trades, especially chapman, and I'd look to get girlli, Perkins, or Nathan in trades back (not from chapman specifically, just in general) or even check ur free agents

      Estrada as ur #3... He should be your #5 at the highest

      Freeman and markakis in a 12 team league could be a good package, or if you're comfortable with freeman at 1B prince can pull u in a nice 2 for 1

      I'm not saying this to be rude, I understand and have had rough drafts and rounds that turn out disappointing because it's not what you had planned at all. So I understand what it's like to Wing it

      U have nice pieces that you can move around to gain depth and better players, I suggest you do it, not all the moves I said, keep prince or tulo, but you need to move someone around to get a better roster

      Again not trying to bash on you, just offering up suggestions on what I'd do if this were my team,

      let me know your thoughts

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      • Nice pitching

        I'd use Tulo to trade for less injury prone batter, 2 for 1 even...

      • Oh yes, Chapman, will get a high # of K's, and get the saves. He is nearly as valuable as all but the most elite pitchers because of the combination.

      • Freeman was a mistake when I took him, Once I hit the select, and needing a different position, or pitcher, I was playing catch up. Everyone in the league was pretty well on top of their game. I would Q 10-12 players between rounds, and I dont think I ever got a player that I was wanting. Very last pick, I didnt get the players I wanted to ESTABLISH my team with. The wait for the 3rd pick was the roughest. I took a lot of gambles with the idea that if they pay off, I will be pretty good. But the chances of them working out is probably closer to slim. I have trade bait. Just gotta play things out.

        I took Ackley with my very last pick of the draft, knowing that as soon as Gyorko, or Carpenter become eligible, he will be dropped for someone else. Those 5-15 games could be valuable by the end of the season, depending on how they go.

        FA should produce a couple SP's. And how soon I jump on a couple of the Minor leage P;s, could make a difference, if my timing is right. I dont like my team, but I see potential

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