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  • Chris H Chris H Mar 28, 2013 11:59 PM Flag

    Where do you think Hosmer should be drafted?

    Many experts hate Hosmer. They think he hits too many groundballs. However in my league i drafted him in the 9th round. I do not think he will ever hit 30 homeruns but i do believe he can be a 20/20 guy! Do you think i drafted him too early or shouldnt have drafted him at all?

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    • Looks like a ball player but I pick him after two closers maybe @140-150 round 15 or 16 in a 10 team draft

    • I dont draft him at all

    • Lack of HR and RBI's are the reason I am hesitant to rely on Hosmer. A 1st baseman has to give those stats or he is hurting your team.

      Hosmer is certainly likely to hit higher than .232 this year. He did so last year because of a .255 BABIP. If he moves that to a more normal .310, he hits around .275. Also, he has a good walk rate, so he will get on base. But 20 HR's and 80 RBI's are what I expect from my 2nd OF'er, not from a 1st baseman in anything less than a 14 team league.

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      • I would draft a Anthony Rizzo before I drafted a Hosmer! But I wouldn't draft either, because when I draft a 1B...it'd better be somebody who has PROVEN they can hit 30HR and 100 RBI. If you draft that guy in the early rounds there is no need to draft another 1B later unless it's a guy like Trumbo who plays 1B, 3B, OF. Then you have TWO guys with 30 HR at 1B...and the other guy is a great backup at 2 power positions.

    • Remember last year when everyone hated heyward because of sophomore slump? People sure do give up on a guy quickly. I like hosmer in the 9-10 rounds. I think good value

    • yeah that's a little early for me he either drops really late in drafts or gets picked around the 100th pick IMO i think he'll improve this year and yeah he ''can'' be a 20/20 guy if he gets you 20/20 with a 290 ave that's a steal IMO but that's ''if'' he can stay healthy and consistent it's worth the risk though.

    • im not sure his steals are going to increase. actually if his power rebounds from last year i would expect less steals as he will hit more doubles and homers. i dont think that lineup will produce an abundance of runs this year so i think we're looking at about 80 runs and rbis. avg will probably be around .270. those are solid numbers but im guessing the elite breakout potential that everyone thought he had before last year isnt real and based on last year its pretty clear his floor is very low. overall i think there are many better options at 1b but hes a good option at util

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      • Yea i feel you man! His floor is relatively low but as you get up in the later rounds you are pushing it looking for a first baseman so i guess i "settled" for hosmer. He's not going to win me a championship on his own but his numbers certainly could be solid enough to help like you said. Thank you very much for the insight!


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