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  • I feel like I am stuck right now in regards to improving my team. I know I need to get a better 3B and another SS/MI, but I am not liking any of the trade options I am coming up with. I was thinking of proposing Cano/Aramis for my Prince/Bruce/low end SP but I don't think Goldy and Belt are proven enough to rely on them at 1B. Without seeing other teams rosters, I know it's nearly impossible to come up with fair trades. But I'm asking: if this was your team, who would you target?

    12 team, H2H, 3 keepers, H, K, OPS and K/BB, BB, QS added.

    C- Avila
    1B- Prince
    2B- Altuve
    3B- Middlebrooks
    SS- Zobrist
    CI- Goldy
    MI- Cozart
    OF- Kemp
    OF- Harper
    OF- De Aza
    Util- Bruce
    Util- Belt
    BN- Marte, Gyorko

    SP- Lee, Sale, Zimmermann, Ogando, Estrada, Miller, Teheran
    RP- Holland, Parnell, Boggs
    DL- Beachy

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    • Goldy is overrated. Reminds me way too much of Mark Reynolds and Chris Davis when they came up. Not bad as a CI or UTL in a league like this but when you'd have both him and Belt forced to play every day with no back up I'd be a little concerned.

      I'd stick with what you got for now. Getting Aram into the lineup isn't a big move to me. He's more proven but he has a history of missing some games.

      Looking at your team I also think you drafted a little too young. In this format you are always going to keep 3 bats. Just make sure your first 2 picks have a chance to be good enough to keep for next year and after that age really shouldn't matter since you'll never be keeping anyone else on your roster anyway.

      I'd honestly see what you can get for Harper. There's probably someone who will pay you twice the price of a first round pick for a guy not likely to produce like one for 2-4 years.

    • Goldy had better be good this year. I have him in every team I own (5 so far) this year. Not that I rate him overwhelmingly high, but he was the best player in the draft rotation or most worth the money in the auction draft at the time. If he sucks it up, I'm sunk.

      I know that doesn't really answer your question, but I do think Goldschmidt will be pretty good. Search for the "Brandon Belt" conversation from late last night if you want to see what I think about him.

    • goldy is the man, look at his numbers
      he should get 550-600 ab's this year....he's only going to improve.
      goldy is my #1 1B in both leagues that I am in.
      You can afford to lose Prince, but I would look into trading for another Closer and a better Starting Pitching roster. Your offense is good.

    • I would target a SS like Simmons or Segura. And I would see if JP Arencibia was available cheap. Your middle infield will be fine. Overall, good team.


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