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    Cargo, Ike Davis, Freese for Giancarlo Stanton & Matt Cain

    I was offered Stanton($25) and Cain($21) for Cargo($50), Davis($13), Freese($7). Should I do this?

    Originally, I was offered CC Sabathia($28) and Cain($21) for Freese($7) and Davis($13). But I turned that down. This seems like a better option, correct?

    Now this is a 30 player auction points keeper where you can keep an unlimited amount of players at their cost. Hitters are more valuable than pitchers as there's 13 hitting starters vs 9 starting pitchers. Plus pitchers projected to get 900pts are available on FA while hitters projected to get only 750pts are available. Stanton is very valuable due to his low price tag. Freese and Davis are also valuable due to being low cost hitters long into the future. What do you guys think?

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