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    My first Head to head league. Can you recommend anything and look at ....

    I always do roto and am in my first head to head league. Can you recommend anything that will help me get ahead? Also can you look at my roster and tell me what I should do if anything? It's a 10 team with Holds and K/9 instead of strikeouts and TB,BB and H in addition to the regular 5x5 cats. I can add 1 player when Han Ram officially goes on the DL. Players like Gyorko,Bradley,Puig are available as well as numerous R/P's for holds like Brozton,Bailey,Santos,Marshall,McGee as well as R/P's(saves) like Perkins, Balfour,Veras,Fujikawa. S/P's available are-Cobb,McCarthy,Fiers,Dempster,Buchholtz,Marcum,Pettite,Hammel,Garcia,Porcello. Thanks for any advice.

    Y Molina
    Adrian Gonzalez
    N Walker
    Aramis Ramirez
    A Gordon
    M Morse

    Bench--Middlebrooks,H Kendricks,M Carpenter,B Belt.

    D/L-Hanley Ramirez

    D Price
    D Hernandez
    B Anderson
    M Minor

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