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  • James James Mar 25, 2013 3:23 AM Flag

    Drafted in the Eight hole

    Drafted today, had the eighth pick in 12 team standard 5x5 roto league (with innings cap). Typical snake draft.

    Round 1: Andrew McCutchen. Wasn't sure he would be on the board at eight. Gladly took the best available player, since I like the speed/power profile players (don't we all?)

    Round 2: Troy Tulowitzki. Burned me last year. I like him when he plays. Key word is WHEN he plays.

    Round 3: Jason Heyward. Like McCutchen and Tulo, he fits with my speed/power profile. Is 25-25 too much to ask for from him this year?

    Round 4: Yu Darvish. Wanted a pitching anchor. Anything short of 15 wins will disappoint.

    Round 5: Mat Latos. More pitching. Some will say it's too early to have two starters, but the end of my draft rounded out quite nicely. Remember, k's is a scoring stat.

    Round 6: Aaron Hill. Back to hitting. Another player that will hit some homers and steal some bases. Second base is a mess if you don't have Cano. Glad to pick Hill here.

    Round 7: Carlos Santana. No, he's not the guitar player. Improved Cleveland lineup has me optimistic. Hope he's not too much of a drag on b.a.

    Round 8: Yovanni Gallardo. Whip killer, but I like the k's.

    Round 9: Joe Nathan. Draft veterans will realize that this is about the point the run on closers starts. Some were already taken, and I didn't hesitate to take Nathan here. The "Snake" is heading upwards at this point, and I plan on taking another closer in another eight picks.

    Round 10: JJ Putz. Surprised he was still on the board. Welcome to my team.

    Round 11: Jon Lester. Depending on who you listen to, this could be the steal of the draft. Low risk investment here with high upside.

    Round 12: Paul Konerko: I still need a first bagger. Hitting number three or four in a hitter's paradise. Can I pencil in 25 homers and 80 r.b.i.?

    Round 13: Brandon League. Here's where the haters can check in. You know what? Dodgers didn't pay him all that money to NOT close out games. Sure Kenley is better, but that doesn't mean much. Saves are saves. Dodgers are planning on winning games this year. Should have lots of opportunities.

    Round 14: Addison Reed. Also not the best pitcher in the 'pen, but closing is his job. This is closer number four, so I can afford it if one guy doesn't pan out. Don't plan on taking any more "meat" closers.

    Round 15: Andre Ethier. Round fifteen? Really? Mine!

    Round 16: Will Middlebrooks. Still needed a third bagger. Some are high on this guy, others are not. This late in the draft, I'll take him with a smile.

    Round 17: Todd Frazier. A flier on this guy. Eligible three positions (first, third, outfield). Can fill in on off days, or earn a spot as a starter at utility with good play.

    Round 18: Michael Morse. Could battle Ethier or Frazier for outfield/utility spot. Hitting cleanup in Seattle.

    Round 19: Fujikawa. Don't know his first name, don't care. Cubs are "anti-Marmol" (is that a word?) This guy could inherit saves on a lackluster team. But hey, they can't lose them ALL can they? Round 19 and I'm giving myself a chance to get lucky. Hadn't planned on another closer, but I hear this guy can really sling it.

    Round 20: Alex Cobb. A guy I had targeted. Upside for next to last round of draft. My rotation of Darvish, Latos, Gallardo, Lester, and now Cobb is looking pretty nice.

    Round 21: Juan Pierre. I was looking at Evereth Cabrera in the last round as insurance for Tulo, and potential steals on off days from my 2nd or ss. Everth got nabbed a couple picks before me (haven't we all had that happen?). After a few grudging remarks about my league-mate's parents, I took Pierre. Don't plan on using him much, but you never know. Most likely the first player dropped for new pickup.

    Okay, have at it. Comments? Criticism? I post this just so you can get inside my head for a typical draft. My team would have looked much different from a different draft position (example: If I had pick four, I would have nabbed Cano). I did my best to stay fluid and try to accumulate the most talent possible. Only twice did I think I grabbed a player due to position scarcity (Hill and Santana), but it was about their time to be picked. If you are patient, I still think there is decent hitting left on the board late. I had noticed that in a mock draft. That's why I went a couple of upper level pitchers early. I recognized the run on closers when it happened, and tried to snag some of the "lesser" tier guys there.

    Hope this helps in any of your upcoming drafts. Would love to see Pianowski or Funston check in on the post.

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