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    Suggestions for Improvement

    10 team mixed league 5x5 - keeper league.

    I feel my team has a strong foundation but is weak in power hitting and overall pitching quality. Please rate my team and let me know where you feel improvements can be made and how.

    C - M. Montero
    1B - P. Goldschmidt
    2B - R.Cano
    SS - J. Reyes
    3B - D. Wright
    OF - B. Harper
    OF - J. Heyward
    OF - S. Choo
    DH - D. Pedroia
    DH - A. Rizzo
    B - C. Granderson (IR)
    B - H. Ramirez (IR)

    SP - S. Stasburg
    SP - M. Scherzer
    SP - J. Samardzija
    RP - A. Chapman
    RP - C. Kimbrel
    P - K. Jansen (not a closer - move?)
    B - M. Estrada
    B - H. Bailey
    B - M. Minor
    B - J. Teheran

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    • Well you should get help in power once Grandy and Hanley return but for now just get a solid HR hitter like Dunn, Konerko, Morse, Willingham, Reynolds for the extra 2-4 HR's per week. With only 10 teams in your league pitching will be available pretty much whenever you need someone. The draft is a good place to get a couple front end pitchers, but the rest of the rotation can be a constant flow of hot vs. not pitchers. Your reliefs corps. seems solid with Chapman and Kimbrel and if you could land one more consistent closer like Street for example you should be set (that said without seeing the other teams).

    • Yes, Kenley Jansen is not the closer in L.A. I didn't say he wasn't the best arm in the bullpen, just not the closer. IF I had both Chapman and Kimbrel, I would think I could hold onto Jansen just to see how things play out (like Chapman last year). If you still think you need saves (in a ten team league, you might want more than two), maybe take a gamble on Boggs (while Motte is out). The only problem I see with that is you appear to be tight on roster spots (you obviously don't want to drop Granderson or Ramirez). If it was me, I'd just sit tight for now, and see how things start to shape up. Remember: Saves is one of the easier categories to add later in the season.

      P.S. Everything I've said applies to roto. Head to Head leagues play out differently.

    • It's actually not a bad team. You're not as light in HR as you think you are with Goldschmidt and Harper to improve on their numbers and Choo in a hitters park. I do agree that I'd like to deal Pedroia or Cano for a very legitimate starter given your depth once Granderson and Ramirez get back and the value one fo your 2B could get you. But You're high in K/9, have pitchers from good teams, and a pretty balanced lineup. It's not a bad squad (and Jansen will get the closers role, League does not look very good to start the year).

      If you deal Pedroia, maybe think of adding another speed guy, but relying on Reyes/Harper/Choo isn't the worst thing in the world.

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