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  • fredbirdfreon fredbirdfreon Mar 23, 2013 10:37 PM Flag

    Rate this Antonio (or whoever else)

    10 Team, H2H, standard stats +OPS

    C: Molina-$5
    1B: Encarnacion-$24
    2B: Zobrist-$16
    3B: Beltre-$35
    SS: Desmond-$15
    OF: A Jones-$25
    OF: A Gonzalez-$17
    OF: Choo-$12
    Util: Goldschmidt-$18
    Bench: A Cabrera-$12 (didn’t want-autopicked when I lost connection)
    Bench: Pence-$1

    SP: Dickey$21
    SP: Cueto-$18
    SP: J Zimmerman-$8
    SP: Shields-$15
    SP: Haren-$2
    SP: Anderson-$2
    SP: Miley-$2
    RP: Motte-$4
    RP: Rivera-$2
    RP: Holland-$2
    RP: Street-$2
    RP: Wilhelmson-$2

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    • Fred I made that trade

    • Molina - really like him as your catcher, doesn't hurt you at all, hard to get a catcher like that
      Encar - 1 year wonder? Worries me, I wouldn't trust, but I'd he repeats then good on you
      Zobrist - I liked him going into last year, I feel he disappointed, I like him going into this year as well though, stat stuffer player
      Beltre - if not a keeper than ok, he's solid, but aging
      Desmond - came on last year, like his potential for stat stuffing this season
      A jones - 5 cat player
      A gon - downhill last year, power RBI and decent to above avg BA, could be a nice trade chip as well
      Choo - I really like this 20/20 5 cat player, if he can stay healthy all year... Like him even more for u
      Goldy - cherry on top, really nice having him at ur Utl, nice boost, might consider trading encar move goldy to 1B, but just me

      Dickey - not a believer in him, don't like very much especially as "#1"
      Cueto - repeat last season you're golden
      J Zimmerman - awesome as your #3 in depth ADP ranking, but id look to trade dickey just my personal taste though
      Shields - #4 pitcher not too shabby
      Haren - meh at least he's depth and not a #3 relying pitcher in ur staff
      Anderson - stay healthy and ur really deep at SP
      Miley - great depth
      I like 5 RP I don't see why it's bad to have this many, allows u to win saves easier

      BN a cabrera I see as a nice SS doesn't hurt u but doesn't carry u
      Pence nice pick up

      I'm not familiar with the auction set up so I can't help u value wise there just gave my input on ur players

      Overall SP is a deep nice strength for u. U have SB contributors and u have plenty of power out side of ur OF so I'd make an attempt to move a gon for a SB 20/20 player possibly and ur set in all around categories, just my thought

      Sorry for this delayed reply, and thanks for replying to my posts


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