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  • Adam Adam Mar 21, 2013 2:35 AM Flag

    Fair Trade?

    Team A gets Miggy Cabrera and Gio Gonzalez
    Team B gets Albert Pujols and Brandon Phillips

    Some of the managers are requesting that I veto it. I don't see a problem with it, maybe I'm wrong, but I thought I'd get some unbiased input to show the league.

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    • Team A is getting one hell of a deal. Miggy is the #1 player in baseball and Gio is a good bet to win 20 games 200 K again this year. It's hard for me to imagine any scenario where I would make that trade.

    • no veto

    • NO VETO. Could be a good deal for either team depending...

    • That's not a deal that is even close to veto worthy. Anyone screaming veto should have their tongue cut out. Instead, you need to look at replacing some shallow minded owners as they have no clue about trades, trade value or running a league. I'd really hate to be in that league as I can't tolerate team owners that are smart enough to manage other teams but can't manage their team very well. If they want to whine I'd suggest your league invest in a paid trade review service since they appear to be completely clueless about fantasy baseball, trading and instead want to use their vote on trades as a defensive measure to protect their roster. They may even learn something. I'd bet they are too cheap pay for that and would rather have an open forum to shed the tears of disappointment that their offers sucked worse that the other guys. They are probably the biggest lowballers in the league too! You can most likely bet that those crying foul trying to acquire one of the players mentioned and made a far worse offer and are upset about getting rebuffed. Might do yourself a favor and ask the two owners in this trade if one of the desenters was working a deal for the same player at the same time and lost. That is one way to identify who to replace to make your league better! Good luck in what looks to be a long season for you.

    • not extremely fair but not veto worthy


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