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  • aj95 aj95 Mar 20, 2013 6:20 PM Flag

    Tulo Stanton or Bautista with #12 pick.

    I pick 12/13 and 36/37 - last pick in serpentine drafct. So SSs will be down to Castro (hopefully) and then scrubs. Id probly just end up waiting to pluck Simmons (unless I get screwed by an over-payer). So you see my situation. Im thinking:

    #12/13: Verlander/Stanton.... #36/37: Castro/Holliday(orAgon - not sure yet)
    #12/13: Verlander/Tulo.... 36/37: AGon/Holliday.

    Option 2 has a lot of pop but option 1 is definitely safer (especially if I go with Holliday as the contingency). Anyone care to chime in?

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    • Something like 4 of last year's top 12 ranked even finished in the top 20 by the end of the season. So take Verlander and Strasburg. People will boo you and laugh at you and you will kick their butts. Don't even think of taking Castro, his price is too high. If it's between Bautista and Tulo, go with Bautists all day. Power is scarce...fragile shortstops aren't.

    • Basically, it looks like Tulo and Adrian vs Castro and Stanton. I like the Tulo side.

    • I would not take a SP that high, not at all and I cannot stress this enough. I would take Bautista with one of those. If he plays all season imagine what he can do in that lineup. He was hitting 37+ HR before with 120 RBI and now the guys in front of him will have even higher OBP's. He could have a monster season.

      I think Stanton is another solid pick but I'm worried about production in the Marlins lineup. There are trade rumors, if he does get traded to a better team I think he could be a NL MVP type of player but who knows if that will happen.

      Here is my reasoning for not taking Verlander. The pitchers you can take in the 5th, 6th and 7th rounds are honestly not that much worse than Verlander, Strasburg, and Kershaw. However, the hitters you get around those picks are significantly worse than the hitters you can take early. You can wait to draft a stellar rotation but you cannot wait and still get a stellar lineup. I have used this method back to back years and I have made it to the championship both times (1-1). If I were you I would take all hitters for your first four picks and build a crazy lineup and then take back to back pitchers at 60 and 61. You could pick from Cueto, Latos, Greinke, or Moore. Two of them would be yours.

    • Option 1.


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