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  • Bodacious Bodacious Mar 20, 2013 12:19 AM Flag

    Wainwright for David Wright...I need an ACE!

    @willis...I am coming around to your way of thinking!

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    • bodacious you should care that youve been to 3 straight championships but dont come on here and expect respect by saying that kinda stuff, im interested in baseball this year not your past. overall, the way ive always looked at preseason trading is its a time to try to get guys that you like who you feel are undervalued going into the season. but when it comes to fixing weaknesses and selling surpluses i feel like waiting until the season starts is the better way to go. you never know who will end up being great, there was really no reason to expect dickey to break out last year. if you think lawrie and machado will be bad this year then let them play poorly and the owner will freak out and give you a lot more for wright. or maybe you can wait for wright to hit a hotstreak and sell the momentum. obviously you should always try to improve your team but before the season starts its easy to make it worse by making unnecessary moves


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