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  • Tom Tom Mar 18, 2013 4:23 PM Flag

    Anyone want to discuss my team for a few minutes?

    20 team h2h dynasty, OPS and holds added, starting 8th year

    any glaring weakness or obvious move I should be making?

    c- Wieters
    1b- Cuddyer
    2b- Kendrick
    3b- Cabrera
    ss- Andrus
    of- Braun
    of- Choo
    of- Werth
    utl- Crisp
    utl- Middlebrooks
    utl- Berkman
    bench- Drew Stubbs, Raul Ibanez, Avisail Garcia (likely being sent down after the minor injury, would open another roster spot)

    SP- Sabathia, Lee, Cueto, Estrada, Dempster, Lilly, Nolasco, Luebke,
    RP- (can start five) Soriano, Motte, Frieri, Strop, Thornton, Lincoln (SP eligible)

    farm- Carlos Correa, Javier Baez, Danny Hultzen, Gregory Polanco, Jake Marisnick, Tyler Thornburg, Eury Perez, Joe Benson, Yorman Rodriguez

    Thornburg and Perez I'm now sending down after they didn't make opening day rosters, so I'll have two empty roster spots when we the league opens up free agency (and Garcia should make a 3rd)

    any suggestions on what to do with the roster spots? My normal strategy at this point would be either platoon players I can plug in with good matchups (Scott Hairston, Matt Diaz) or SP getting moved to the bullpen who become dual eligible (JA Happ), but there is also a few older guys coming off injuries who might have some value (Lackey, De La Rosa).

    Anyone stand out above the rest or is there a similar player who might be available? We are about 700 players deep between main and minor league rosters, so I realize that's not an easy question to ask.

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    • The only thing I would mess with right now is the farm system, although I don't know who's available. Yasiel Puig comes to mind as someone lesser known, but he may be taken.

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      • every prospect who shows up on lists and is in yahoo is already taken.

        We can select two prospects per year outside of yahoo and then anyone sent down to the minors who is on our team we can drop and send down ourselves. There is a lot of weird names on the minor league roster for every team, since any September callup with a decent ceiling is taken and then sent down the in the offseason, and you get all the bad prospect picks from years past that stick around by the 8th year of a league. There is still a guy with Villalona on his team and that pick was from '07

    • jump on de la rosa (SP) boston. no way to know who else is available, but your teams ok. I'm not too familiar with those last four prospects, my gut tells me you can do better? but in a 20 team league others may be taken? Even so, sardines, T. Joseph, O. Arcia, others less known are better? Just thinking.

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      • all of those players are already taken, and that was Jorge De La Rosa I was eyeing, not Ruby. I really wanted Arcia in my prospect draft this year but he went a few picks before me and I ended up with Polanco instead. Just for reference in the future, generally if there is multiple guys you haven't heard of in a guys minor league system than most likely every player you have heard of has been taken.

        Thornburg is Brewers #2 prospect, he's rated at about 90-110 on most lists. Only really has a ceiling of a three but he dominated the minors last year and should end up with 15-20 starts this season once injuries start to hit.

        Eury Perez is next call up in Nationals OF. He'd be a similar player to Cocoa Crisp or Raja Davis.

        Benson used to be a decently rated OF in the Twins organization but he had a terrible season last year.

        Yorman Rodriguez was a former big money prospect from the Dominican. He raked as a 17 year old in rookie ball and has done nothing since.

        I only carry Benson and Yorman because they don't cost me any roster spots. There is no limit on the time or amount of prospects we carry, and anytime a player is sent down to the minors we can drop them and retain their rights. I also own the rights to Adam Loewen as well, although he'll likely never make it as a big league regular. With the way our minor league system works we can draft 2 prospects not in Yahoo every year, so we get those plus whatever young players are called up and sent back down in our minor league system.

    • I don't have experience in leagues bigger than 12 teams, but just seeing Braun, (Miguel?) cabrera, sabathia, wieters, andrus, lee, and cueto. That seems like a lot of production and names for a 20 team league. I like the rest of your staters for a 20 team. You have a balance of players to get 10+ HR and 10+ steals and I'm sure that's really valuable in 20 team leagues. I think it looks well rounded, what do you think your biggest weakness are?

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      • I think my biggest weaknesses when yahoo opened was youth in my rotation and offensive depth.

        I moved Longoria and a lesser prospect pick for Cueto, Hultzen and two picks that turned into Correa and Polanco, which addressed that issue for me.

        I then moved depth relievers and SP I no longer wanted to ring in Werth, Berkman and Ibanez which actually gave me a usable bench for the first time.

        If Frieri loses the job to Madson (which I don't see happening), I might be a little short on saves. But other than that I'm not completely sure I have a weakness. Possibly the age of some of my key contributors, but it doesn't make sense to move them for younger players when I'm one of the favorites for the title.

    • I can never understand why a person would play a 10team or less league as they look boring to me. Now a 20team league this looks fun and I think your team looks solid. As a twins fan I do not see Benson ever being over a below adv OFer. Their miner leagues have a lot of talent that may be up as early as 2014 so research them.