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  • greek greek Mar 17, 2013 7:30 PM Flag

    jason kubel or ben revere in roto??

    who would u rather?

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    • Revere,considering most of your starting offense is set.
      If you don't have,say a SS,I'd go with Kubel,then go after Alcides Escobar for steals.Unless of course you'd want 2 speedsters,then you could nab Revere & Escobar.Coco Crisp is another decent late round speedster,and likely a few months into the season minor leaguer Billy Hamilton could be called up.
      Billy Hamilton has been called the fastest professional baseball player in professional baseball history recently by a yahoo fantasy expert.He stole 155 bases in 133 minor league games last season.Billy is on my watch list already,because he could be the next Rickey Henderson.

    • Depends on what you need at that point in the draft, speed or HR's. Beyond that, I would rate them approximately equal.

      I will say this about Revere. I think it is likely that he puts up similar numbers, to maybe even better, as Michael Bourn except he is going for a lot cheaper in the draft. So, if you get to a point in your draft where you are thinking about Michael Bourn, take something else you need to then target Revere a few rounds later. If you miss out on Revere, there is always Juan Pierre to fall back on.

    • I would pick revere since they both will probably go late in the draft, i usually go for the speed at that point

    • anyone, thx in advance


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