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    Should I draft a closer?

    Every year get burned by closers that inflate my ERA and kill my WHIP. I typically draft them after 10 or more have already been selected since I like to focus on my position players and a couple of elite starters. I am thinking instead of closers this year, I will draft three high strikeout, low ERA/WHIP relief pitchers instead and give up on the Saves category. Players such as Ventors, Clippard, Marshall, Robertson, etc. What are your thoughts?

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    • If you're not going to carry at least 3 closers in a H2H league you may as well carry none (because you will lose the Saves cat almost every week) and just load up on as much quality SP as possible.

    • I drafted last night and got Greg Holland, Rivera, Motte, Willhelmsen, and Street for a grand total of $12. Go figure.

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      • I decided to go with closers as well. This is a crazy league. Besides the regular positions, there are 4 outfielders, 3 Utils, and get this, 10 bench players. This is why I am glad I am in three leagues. The other one is tradtional and one is auction. With ten bench spots, I drafted SP's (Kershaw, Price, Darvish, Greinke, Homer Baily, A.J. Burnett, Lance Lynn).

        My RP's are: Papelbon, Holland, Wilhelmsen, Grilli, and Frieri. I tried getting closers that had a high chance of staying the closer, barring injuries, and high amount of strikeouts from last year.

    • I've done that before, but it's VERY tricky. Last year, venters, Clippard, and Robertson all had their ratios blow up way above their 2011 numbers..and they were the best coming out of that year.
      IF you can, you want to grab guys like Perkins and Wilhemson who tend to go later in drafts. Then, late in the draft, grab guys like Luke Gregorson or Ryan Cook who backstop closers who will almost certainly get injured. Last, you want to be aggressive on the wire for new vlosers even if you've been burned by this before....as one of the commenters said, you need the saves, and hopefully you drafted stron SP so the ERA and WHIP will be taken care of.

    • i got burned by bell last year in a pro league, between him and lincecum I don't know how I finished 5th. still, in roto you can't ignore saves.

    • It depends on the draft, sometimes the closers are gone when I am still seeing bats or SP's I like a lot and I miss. I'd like at least 1 solid, definite closer coming out of the draft. Don't give up the cat entirely, that doesn't work or even make sense. I like solid middle relievers tho, mostly when they have a bit of a chance to take a closer spot and have a nice K:BB. High upside at low cost imo and they're expendable in a lot of cases; guilt free add/drop for that juicy FA.

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      • I punted saves last year in a standard 10-team Roto league and came in second. Closers are essentially one-trick ponies who help in Saves but can't hurt or help in other categories. I like the idea of adding starters in a H2H where you don't have innings limits. Gets you Ks and Ws and hopfully you picked right and didn't get stung in ERA and WHIP.

    • My experience is in H2H. I have won my league championship in a year I overpaid for Saves and another year that I essentially punted Saves. I don't think there is any one set path to victory. It all comes down to making good picks in the categories you choose to emphasize.

    • If you punt saves go with like 10 SPs..
      At least then you'd be making your team extremely strong in Ks & Ws.

    • No draft a closer or 3 if you're just going to have a regular RP like the names you said that's just a waste of space on you're roster when you could be gaining SV's and also them k's.

    • Im not saying draft the best closer but there are guys that u can get pretty late like Frier Perkins Santos Grilli Balfour Fujikawa no sense Punting a Cat

    • The only reason to draft closers is for saves. For the most part, ignore the ERA and WHIP because they only pitch one inning every other day as compared to 12 innings per day for starters (if you rotate them in to maximize your W and K potential). Your SPs will outweigh RPs on an overall average for ERA and WHIP. The key is to get low ERA and WHIP from your SPs while maximizing Ks and Ws. Loading up your lineup with middle relief will only reduce the number of SPs spots available to accumulate Ws and Ks.


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