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  • fantasyguru fantasyguru Mar 17, 2013 1:23 AM Flag

    Is this Veto-worthy?

    No. the whole "best player in the trade" nonsense doesn't even have a legitimate father. It's a freakin urban legend. Look, I can concot any number of trades where you get the best player and I still robbed you blind. It's a crutch for people who can't do their own analysis...or won't. The three players on the other side are all studs, so even though Miggy is great and all, it is not an even trade.

    I veto trades if they are not close enough in value to be pretty much a wash. They don't have to be exactly equal sides, but I always veto a trade that is lopsided if it only helps one team, or if the team benefiting the most is clearly the stronger team already...because that ruins the competitve dynamic in the league. I'll say it again. Ichiro is worthless. He's old, and his team is now decrepit.

    But good luck no matter what you decide.


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