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  • fantasyguru fantasyguru Mar 17, 2013 12:42 AM Flag

    Overrated Team

    C: Agree, but this should not be a category. Every single catcher drafted in the top 10 is overrated.
    1B: Teix: Give me a break, he's already hurt. Shame on you!
    2B: Kinsler. Have to disagree. He gives less than expected, but the other 2Bs are worse.
    3B: Pablo. According to fantasypros, he's 3B11, so not eligible. But I don't like him either.
    SS: Agree. But again, SS is like shooting fish in a barrel!
    OF: Ellsbury (BINGO!!) Desmond (Agree) Justin (Mother of all DISAGREEMENTS)
    SP: 2/3 ain't bad LOL...Love me some Yu though, his second half made me a believer.
    RP: Kimbrel. Bold pick! But WRONG!!! He actually has ALWAYS outperformed his ADP.

    C- Buster. A 2nd round pick on a catcher? Please join my league!
    1B - Joe Mauer - He will break down and you will have poo on your hands.
    2B - Aaron Hill. No track record of consistency with those juicy numbers.
    3B - Brett Lawrie. Another sexy name who will lure you to fantasy hell. He's injury-prone and he has not put it all together for a whole season yet.
    SS - Tulo AND Hanley. I'm sorry, but I can't help it. Tulo will break like a cheap watch while your legs and butt and um, front, get very very cold! Hanley is inconsistent to the point of distraction. They both have great upside, but boy will you pay in Tums and Rolaids.
    OF: Ellsbury, Hamilton, Jennigs. Ellsbury is a one trick pony: speed. So why are paying round 4 money? He has exactly ONE year of power and nothing else. Jennigs is the perennial pick for "potential." When you hear that word in fantasy, run like your life depends on it! He costs you 8th round money and deliver 14th round returns. You'll go broke at that rate of profit.
    RP - Jim Johnson. Career year overvaluation. Currently going before Hunter Pence, Josh Willingham, and Doug Fister. Seriously?

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    • C: Top 10 catchers, not catchers drafted in the top 10.
      Tex: already apologized for that. I originally wrote this 3-4 weeks ago, before he got hurt and dropped out of the top 10. I replaced him with Rizzo.
      J Upton: 2011 stats were nice, but higher than normal. I’d pick him but not in the 2nd or 3rd round and his auction draft selling prices are way too high.
      Kimbrel: He’s the best closer, but I’m not going to draft any closer where he usually goes in the 5th round in standard drafts or for over $20 in auction drafts. I’m not paying that price for saves. You can get saves in later rounds and for next to nothing if you just wait.

      Buster: Agreed. Only reason he's worth that much is position scarcity, but too much of an injury risk for any catcher that high.
      Mauer: Agree as a 1B, but I think most people draft him as a catcher.
      Hill: I'm undecided on Hill. I'll take him if I can get him cheap enough. It's totally depended on what league I'm in where he goes.
      Lawrie: Was my #2 behind Pablo.
      SS: Agree.
      OF: We agree on 2 of 3. I don't see how Hamilton's overrated. The only problem with him is he's extremely streaky.
      RP: I like Jim Johnson, but like Kimbrel, top notch RPs go way too high.

      What about your SPs???

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      • Sorry...forgot about SP:

        C - I may have been imprecise. What I meant was, I am not drafting ANY of the top 10 catchers off the board. I have seen too many good articles about what a mess that position is, and how unreliable they are for fantasy purposes. So basically, pick any catcher (especially if he had agood year last year) and he will more than likely UNDER perform his draft price.

        1B - Rizzo -- I like Rizzo, but you may have a point. In early Feb I thought his price was fine given his upside. In recent drafts, his price has not been exhorbitant, but you're starting to have to pass over some proven players to nab Anthony, so I can see your point.

        2B - Hill is going where Phillips and Zobrist are going, so to me, that's overvalued. Totally agree that I lust for him on my teams if the price is right. The numbers may you grin.

        OF - Hamilton is going in rounds 1 and 2 in my drafts. Given his price, his contact rate was poor, his strikeout rate was alarming, and he has a spotty injury history. I don't hate Hamilton, but I'm asking for a discount and other drafters are scooping him up. I own a LOT of teams, and he's not on ANY of them. He is going before Justin, Heyward, Bryce, Holliday, and Agon, and I prefer ALL of them to Josh.

        OF - Justin -- I tried auctions and frankly, I hate them. They bring out the worst in human behavior, which is to say, ridiculous bidding wars that I really do not enjoy. As a result, I can understand what you mean about his price, because for every player we are discussing, there is some GM who thinks they will repeat their career performance or breakout. But Upton was hurt last year and that was well reported. His second half numbers vouch for his 2011 profile. I have been able to get him in round 3, though that easier in February than now. Frankly, he's a 30/20/.290 threat and that's worth a 2nd round pick to me.

        SP - Jered Weaver - Almost put Greinke here, but his proponents say that switching to the NL and more of a pitcher's park alone will make his numbers sweet as cherries. As for Weaver, his K-rate, xFIP, and velocity were all down..AGAIN. I don't pretend to know exactly what's going on, but I want no part of it. I like good performance that I can understand, and all the other top 10 pitchers seem safer from that perspective.


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