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    Overrated Team

    Here’s a conversation I started last couple of years at this time. It was fun to argue about. Instead of an all-star team, what’s your all-overrated team? You have to pick players chosen in the top ten at their position (top 30 for OF and SP). Who do you expect to not live up to the hype?

    Here’s mine for this year:

    C: Carlos Santana
    1B: Mark Teixeira
    2B: Ian Kinsler
    3B: Pablo Sandoval
    SS: Elvis Andrus
    OF (pick 3): Jacoby Ellsbury, Desmond Jennings, Justin Upton
    SP (pick 3): Zack Greinke, Yu Darvish, Matt Moore
    RP: Craig Kimbrel

    So there you have it. Bash my picks, but give reasons. I can give you analysis of each player, but Yahoo wouldn't let me have that long of a post. Just don’t leave it at saying he’s awesome and I’m an idiot. Back up your argument. I compelled myself to pick someone in the top ten chosen at each position. Please note: I’d like to have all these guys on my team, but I needed to start somewhere to have a real discussion. Also, give us your all-overrated team. I like to hear from you as well.

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    • C - Posey - reminds me of Mauer a few years ago before disappointing majorly
      1B - Rizzo - like him but not where he's being drafted
      2B - Hill - cannot trust him, incredibly inconsistent
      3B - Wright - great to have when healthy, but therein lies the problem
      SS - Tulo - far and away the best SS when healthy, but again, that's the problem
      OF - CarGo - steals are declining and is becoming an injury risk
      OF - BJ Upton - had a career year and still isn't justifying his ADP
      OF - Ellsbury - just threw him in there as a final OF, but I wouldn't want him at his ADP
      SP - Dickey - his performance wasn't a total fluke, but age will catch up with him
      SP - Greinke - been saying this for years
      SP - Moore - even if he puts it together, he has no offense to support him
      RP - Rodney - last year came out of nowhere

    • Carlos Gonzalez

    • All overrated?

      C - Brian McCann (McCann is a league average C...Jordan Pacheco is a better C)
      1B - Adam Dunn or Mark Teixeira or Adrian Gonzalez (Adam LaRoche is better than all)
      2B - Dan Uggla...by a mile...then Robinson Cano (still just a 4 category producer)
      3B - Chase Headley (don't pay for a career year)
      SS - Elvis Andrus (not even a top 15 SS...Jean Segura, Alcides Escobar, and Alexei Ramirez are better)
      OF - Carlos Quentin (how does he still have a MLB starting gig)
      OF - Curtis Granderson (since arriving in NY...all he does is swing for the fences and he has quit stealing bases)
      OF - Giancarlo Stanton (last year's batting average was a mirage...still can't score above average runs...has no speed...hell...he can't even outpace Josh Willingham...he is Pete Incaviglia 2.0)
      UTIL - David Ortiz

      SP - Zack Greinke (not even if you paid me...folks are still drafting him based off one year of success)
      SP - R.A. Dickey (one year of worth and he is suddenly good? not hardly)
      SP - Tim Lincecum (hey...at least he was good for more than one year)
      SP/RP - Aroldis Chapman (still a closer...all closers are worthless...as a SP...he has control issues)
      SP - Felix Hernandez (sorry...team support matters in fantasy baseball)
      RP - all closers (job security is all that matters...any MLB stiff can get 3 outs with a lead)

    • C Mike Napoli
      1B Adrian Gonzalez (w/ Tex in few top 10's anymore)
      2B Brandon Phillips
      3B Pablo Sandoval
      SS Elvis Andrus
      OF Jacoby Ellsbury, Nelson Cruz, Michael Bourn
      SP Zack Greinke, Jared Weaver, Johnny Cueto
      RP Jim Johnson

    • C: Agree, but this should not be a category. Every single catcher drafted in the top 10 is overrated.
      1B: Teix: Give me a break, he's already hurt. Shame on you!
      2B: Kinsler. Have to disagree. He gives less than expected, but the other 2Bs are worse.
      3B: Pablo. According to fantasypros, he's 3B11, so not eligible. But I don't like him either.
      SS: Agree. But again, SS is like shooting fish in a barrel!
      OF: Ellsbury (BINGO!!) Desmond (Agree) Justin (Mother of all DISAGREEMENTS)
      SP: 2/3 ain't bad LOL...Love me some Yu though, his second half made me a believer.
      RP: Kimbrel. Bold pick! But WRONG!!! He actually has ALWAYS outperformed his ADP.

      C- Buster. A 2nd round pick on a catcher? Please join my league!
      1B - Joe Mauer - He will break down and you will have poo on your hands.
      2B - Aaron Hill. No track record of consistency with those juicy numbers.
      3B - Brett Lawrie. Another sexy name who will lure you to fantasy hell. He's injury-prone and he has not put it all together for a whole season yet.
      SS - Tulo AND Hanley. I'm sorry, but I can't help it. Tulo will break like a cheap watch while your legs and butt and um, front, get very very cold! Hanley is inconsistent to the point of distraction. They both have great upside, but boy will you pay in Tums and Rolaids.
      OF: Ellsbury, Hamilton, Jennigs. Ellsbury is a one trick pony: speed. So why are paying round 4 money? He has exactly ONE year of power and nothing else. Jennigs is the perennial pick for "potential." When you hear that word in fantasy, run like your life depends on it! He costs you 8th round money and deliver 14th round returns. You'll go broke at that rate of profit.
      RP - Jim Johnson. Career year overvaluation. Currently going before Hunter Pence, Josh Willingham, and Doug Fister. Seriously?

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      • C: Top 10 catchers, not catchers drafted in the top 10.
        Tex: already apologized for that. I originally wrote this 3-4 weeks ago, before he got hurt and dropped out of the top 10. I replaced him with Rizzo.
        J Upton: 2011 stats were nice, but higher than normal. I’d pick him but not in the 2nd or 3rd round and his auction draft selling prices are way too high.
        Kimbrel: He’s the best closer, but I’m not going to draft any closer where he usually goes in the 5th round in standard drafts or for over $20 in auction drafts. I’m not paying that price for saves. You can get saves in later rounds and for next to nothing if you just wait.

        Buster: Agreed. Only reason he's worth that much is position scarcity, but too much of an injury risk for any catcher that high.
        Mauer: Agree as a 1B, but I think most people draft him as a catcher.
        Hill: I'm undecided on Hill. I'll take him if I can get him cheap enough. It's totally depended on what league I'm in where he goes.
        Lawrie: Was my #2 behind Pablo.
        SS: Agree.
        OF: We agree on 2 of 3. I don't see how Hamilton's overrated. The only problem with him is he's extremely streaky.
        RP: I like Jim Johnson, but like Kimbrel, top notch RPs go way too high.

        What about your SPs???

    • bumpp

    • I apologize for the Tex pick-sort of. When I originally wrote this-3 weeks ago-he was still top 10. He's gone down since. Need to update what I wrote.

    • C: I agree. Santana.
      1B: Goldschmidt. Steals+1B=overrated usually.
      2B: I agree again. Kinsler.
      3B: Lawrie. Has yet to perform worthy of his ADP.
      SS: Jose Reyes. Move to Jays has drafters overlooking past injuries.
      OF: I agree with Jennings and Upton, and my third would be Bourn. Moving to a team with less RBI producers and you can get cheaper steals.
      SP: Halladay, Greinke, Dickey
      RP: Motte
      Kimbrel is a great RP, but maybe not worthy of ADP.
      Teixara is not a top ten 1B.

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      • I think Reyes may bounce back because he's out of the mess in Florida, he's in a lineup that's he's protected a little more, and I think he has something to prove after last year's mess.
        I picked Elvis Andrus because he has no power. Only 3 home runs last year and slugging of .378. Don’t cite stolen bases. With 21 last year, he ranked tied for 7th with 2 others at the postiion and three more were only one behind. You can get virtually the exact same player in Erick Aybar 111 picks later.

        Bourn would have been my 4th choice.

        Agree with Dickey. He's too high because he won Cy Young last year, but he's still pretty good. He ought to regress a little though.

        I like your Motte pick as well.

      • Goldschmidt definitely deserves to be there. He also has a 27.3% K rate his last two years in the majors which isn't very good considering his sub .500 SLG%

    • I don't think Mark Teixeira is in anybody's top 10. He's the #15 1B on Yahoo.

      Sandoval is going to kill it this year. No more hamate bones to break. He will never be thin, but he's working hard at keeping himself in playing condition. He dropped 14 lbs between reporting to camp and the start of the WBC. Look for a .320 BA with 25+ HR's from him this year. The Giants lineup around him is much better than in past seasons too.

      Justin Upton battled nagging injuries all last year. If healthy this year, look for a bounceback. Darvish should be better this year than last due to improved control/command in the second half last year. Fantasy players may be overdrafting Kimbrel, but he is THE dominant closer giving you not only saves but near starter levels of K's and elite ERA/WHIP numbers.

      I'll let you have the rest.

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      • Justin Upton-2011 stats were nice, but higher than normal. I’d pick him but not in the 2nd or 3rd round and his auction draft selling prices are way too high.

        Yu Darvish-I picked him last year and am going with him again. He’s not as hyped this year, but I was right about not trusting imports until they prove something. A 3.90 ERA and 1.28 WHIP doesn’t warrant a 4th round pick. I’ll admit the 221 Ks were nice though.

        Craig Kimbrel-He’s the best closer, but I’m not going to draft any closer where he usually goes in the 5th round in standard drafts or for over $20 in auction drafts. I’m not paying that price for saves. You can get saves in later rounds and for next to nothing if you just wait.

      • THE dominant closer in baseball is always overrated by fantasy players

        Sandoval will never put up a season like that again. Over the last three years he#$%$ .287 over almost 1400 AB while averaging 20 HR per 600 AB. That is by no means a small sample size, and is a lot closer to his skill set than his debut. And that doesn't take into account the injury risk for the guy.

    • Tex is a copout answer since he's missing a lot of time.

      Mine won't be popular

      c Yadier Molina
      1b Albert Pujols
      2b Dustin Pedroia
      3b Pablo Sandoval
      ss Ian Desmond
      of Bryce Harper, Andrew McCutchen, Adam Jones
      sp Kris Medlen, Yu Darvish, Aroldis Chapman
      rp Fernando Rodney


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