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  • jesse jesse Mar 14, 2013 9:19 PM Flag

    keeper league trade, did i do something stupid? part 2

    i cant seem to post anymore in that thread.

    I realize i lost that trade. But I'm betting on a breakout performance from Harper. Like i said, If he has a trout year, not saying he will, he would have never been available in a trade. I had to get him now. Of my 4 keepers, pujols was the one i was willing to deal.

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    • There have been about ten players in the last 100 years who have had seasons like Trout under the age of 23. Lets assume Harper has a Trout season as age 23 (which still puts him way ahead of the average developmental curve and on pace to reach the hall of fame) and is up and down but about the same as last year til then. You just spent three years of keeping an OF who can barely crack the top 25 at his own position. You just wasted three years you could have won a title.

      Bryce Harper is the worst player to trade for in any keeper league because you have to dramatically overpay for a guy who might be a top 10 player a few years from now. You could have moved Pujols and one of your three 2nd's and gotten a younger top 10 player who you didn't have concerns with.

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      • if he can barely crack the top 25 at his position, why does yahoo rank him 35th overall. That doesnt even make sense, yahoo has him as a top ten outfielder give or take a few. You are acting like Harper has no fantasy value and thats true. I'll take my chances with the 20 who has been hyped more than strasburg was over a 33 year old who has regressed and is coming off of knee surgery. The way you talk you expect Harper to barely crack the mendoza line. I basically am getting a Harper and a Kipriis for a pujols and austin jackson. So stop making it out like I made a huge mistake. It was a little mistake as of right now which may or may not be the case. If everyone knew what was gonna happen there would be no point in playing. I admitted I lost the trade, I didnt destroy my competitive chances.

    • Tom, I see your point. I did take a step back. I guess it goes to , I really dont like pujols. If it were a money league , i dont make this trade. But seeing how its for fun, I want to enjoy rooting for the players I like. Is it sound fantasy baseball strategy. we both know the answer is no. Plus something in my gut is telling me harper will have the better year. Laugh all you want. but i could be right( probably wrong but thats part of the fun)


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