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  • Who would I need to give up for a top notch closer. Would like a Ryan Zimmerman, or Texiera when he gets healthy?

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    • hmm people seem to misunderstand closers. according to espn's statistics based on league averages and innings pitched, rodney helped teams era more than verlander did and kimbrel helped teams whip more than price did. pretty valuable to have if you ask me. yea the ks arent there but a consistent source of saves is more useful than the wins that most starters get you. if you can get kimbrel for zimmerman i would do it but make it a 2 for 2 involving another upgrade for your team that you like. tex can get you a closer that is a question mark like janssen or perkins or grilli

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      • HOW can a guy that pitches 65 inns help more then a guy that pitches 200 inns I love low Whip and ERA closers but if your not drafting a Price and Verlander Type SP to start with chances are your not going to be at the Top of the ERA-WHIP ladder anyway and sorry but if im drafting Kimbrell where he has to be drafted at your not getting him for Zim thats for sure matter of fat I wont trade closers til half way threw the season when im up by 30+ saves

    • A closer is a closer..
      They don't even have any say in how often they go to the mound.
      I'd keep a close eye on the Cubs closer situation,because the Cubs told Marmols' agent he'll most likely get traded before the start of the season.So if you pick up that new Asian RP on the Cubs you'll probably get a free closer.
      (Trading for a closer is totally ridiculous,closer jobs change several times every season.And there's no telling who will be a top notch closer this year.Last year people lucked out getting Fernando Rodney.That asian Cubs RP could be this years' Fernando Rodney!)

    • Remember also that a Closer is a one-trick pony. You get saves but really nothingelse. Even a great closer will not add that much to ERA, WHIP and Ks. They just don't get that much innings work to have an effect.

      Zimm, however, can get you a few categories.


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