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    My Mock Draft

    12 team, H2H, 5X5 auction draft. My goal was to spend my first $150 on 3-4 stud players then see what I could cobble together with what was left over. I also wanted to see what SP's with RP eligibility I could land cheaply in a punt Saves strategy. We had a full house for the mock draft. Most of the guys drafted conscientiously and hung around until very late, except for one dude who bid $100 on Evan Longoria then put it on autodraft. Whattheheck? Here's what I ended up with:

    C Wilin Rosario $10. Welington Castillo or Jesus Montero were my backup plans, but Rosario helped me win my league championship last year. As long as I can get him in the $10-12 range, he's my catcher again this year.

    1B Albert Pujols $45. When it became obvious the Big 3 were going for well over $50 each, I set my sights on my #4 and #5 ranked players, Cano and Pujols hoping to get both in the low $40's.

    2B Robinson Cano $42. I have Cano at #4 and he gives you the biggest position advantage of any player on the board.

    3B Pablo Sandoval $19. Sandoval has some risk, but I'm a Giants fan and with no more hamate bones to break, I think he's going to have a big season.

    SS Jean Segura $1. I made a run at Desmond but another guy wanted him more. I made another late run at Alcides Escobar but lost him too. I actually think Segura has a chance to outperform Escobar based on his minor league record, but rookies are always dicey. I may be spending a lot of time looking for SS's on the FA market and waiver wire but for $1, who cares?

    OF Yeonis Cespedes $21 There are 4 young 5 tool OF's I really like, Harper, Heyward, Adam Jones and Cespedes. Cespedes seems to be the most affordable of the 3. He is probably the riskiest, but may have the highest ceiling, well, except for Harper, but Harper is costing way more.

    OF Ben Revere $4 I think there is a good chance that Ben Revere outperforms Michael Bourn and he's going for a fraction of the cost.

    OF Michael Cuddyer $3. If you project Cuddyer's numbers to a full season last year, they are pretty darn good. He's a bargain at this price.

    UT Pedro Alvarez $4. Alvarez hit 30 dingers last year. He's a former #2 overall draft pick who is still very early in his career.

    UT Starling Marte $1. Marte was a beast coming up through the minors. Based on that and last year's MLB experience, I think he's a great bet for a 10/30 season with the possibility of a lot more.

    SP Justin Verlander $36. My goal was to get 2 studs at the top of my rotatation then fill out the rest of my pitching staff with lower cost SP's. I looked for low WHIP's avoiding anyone who was over 1.30 last year.

    SP David Price $32. Price's season last year was every bit as good as Verlander/Kershaw and better than Strasburg's, yet he is going for about $5 and a full round lower.

    RP Marco Estrada $4. Estrada will be a starter with RP eligibility. I was targeting him, Iwakuma and Erasmo Ramirez.

    RP Hisashi Iwakuma $1. Exactly who I wanted here and for just $1.

    P Doug Fister $9. Fister has been getting lit up so far in spring training, but I still have faith.

    P Anibal Sanchez $6. I almost like Sanchez better than Fister, but he seems to be going cheaper.

    P Matt Harvey $6. I was hoping to land Harvey for $4 but had to go a bit higher. I am absolutely loving him for a breakout.

    P Homer Bailey $3. Bailey was a beast at the end of last season. Classic post-hype sleeper.

    BN Tommy Milone $1. Milone won't give you flashy K numbers but he pitches in a friendly ballpark and doesn't walk anybody.

    BN Wade Miley $1. I'm a bit leery of Miley's ability to repeat last year and I don't like his home ballpark, but again, the WHIP looks really favorable.

    BN Phil Hughes $2. Hughes really helped my team last year and Yankee SP's are always good for W's. The Yanks are a mess this year, though, so I may need to re-think this one. Plenty of options available on the FA market though.

    BN Dylan Bundy $1. Bundy will probably start the season in the minors but wlll very likely get called up by June 1. He should be an immediate fantasy asset as soon as he arrives.

    BN Gerrit Cole $1. See Dylan Bundy above.'

    I left $7 on the table. The only places I think I might have spent that on were for a SS or a better SP than Fister or better bench pitchers, but I'm not at all unhappy with what I ended up with.

    PS: My real life league is 10 teams but 26 roster spots, so the total number of players rostered is quite close.

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    • K since you wont stop ill post 1 last time- Never did i say i outmanaged anyone, i took advantage of some dummy who thought your system was gonna provide him some edge. It was 99% his deliquency and 1% me slapping my guys on the bn after his pitcher got rocked-

      If you think by having an extra 14$ your offence is gonna be leaps and bounds better than other teams during some random 7 day stretch 6 months later you need more than these boards to help you.
      The only thing your doing essentially is giving the other team a free lay-up before the ball is even tipped- You are not giving yourself an advantage, your handicapping yourself-

      If you have a bye seed for playoffs you are shooting yourself in the foot by giving away a free cat every week too thus decreasing your chances at gold

      What if it lines up your sps dont have dble starts and a good manger sees your strategy and looks ahead and gets double starters and had relievers to boot- Now your just underdog all around-

      Im glad you like your strategy and are adamant about it, but winning 3 matches in a row vs good managers this way is a very very bad idea in 5x5, im not saying you play w good managers im sure you dont (you say they spend massive money on closers and roster 5 at a time?)

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      • Dude! Just relax, please! In case you didn't notice, this was a MOCK DRAFT and I was trying out a hypothesis. I do have some experience with this and have had some success with it. Yes, there are a few guys in my league who overpay for closers but others who don't. It is a very competitive league. You really shouldn't put down leagues you know nothing about.

        You can use whatever semantic gymnastics you want, but you did claim to outmanage your opponent when in reality you just go lucky when one of his starters blew up and one of yours didn't.

        Based on the fact that I unintentionally, but effectively punted Saves over the second half of last year and through my playoffs, yet still won my championship, I am considering using it as a strategy this year.

        I thank you for your concern and comments and will certainly take them under advisement. My real draft is still 3 weeks away, so I have plenty of time to think about this and other strategies. I have not settled on a final one yet.

    • For instance my friend, I play in 1 h2h league every yr my keeper, my hometown keeper (5x5)
      Was playing a team with your same philosophy in semi rd of playoofs; had the reg season tiebreaker in hand (win % vs opponent in reg season) so i knew if i could get 5 cats id advance-
      Guy had no closers, and a sp got rocked on tues thus screwing his ratios- I met my min inns (18) got 2 saves by wends and sat all my pitchers after wend night for the whole week rest assured that i had won 3 cats in the bag (svs era whip)
      This enabled me to sit all my offensive guys after thurs night since i had a huge amount of lead in sbs and bat avg locked at .312 that week from previous 4 days (mon-thurs) So you see my friend i sat every single guy on fri-sun and beat the guy 5-5 because he gave me that option for free- He was not happy in the least by saturday when it had all sunk in the match was over unless he could get 5 sbs sunday.... Your system is flawed unless your playing with managers that dont know how to counteract you

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      • Win a h2h league ^^--- Just roster 2 middle tier closers and give yourself a shot- its not gonna cripple your team spending an extra 14$ you admittedly left $7 on the table

      • We can trade anecdotes until the cows come home. You could just as easily have suffered the same fate if one of your closer had a bad Blown Save or if one of YOUR SP's got rocked. H2H is a crapshoot. All you can do is try to stack your odds.

        As I said in another response, I won my league last year while essentially punting Saves over the last half of the season and through the playoffs. If you are going to lose the category anyway, you might as well maximize your chances in other categories.

    • Sorry mixed this up with roto- I still wouldnt punt any cat in a 5x5 league whatsoever- if you were in a 7x7 it would be a consideration- Anyone who thinks they can control the whip cat in a 7 day peroid or any ratio cat(era , bat avg) needs to take the floaties off. If anything owning closers would kkep your numbers down on a whole, not owning 7 ricky nolascos and winning k;s every week- I wont go deeper as its h2h and your basically flipping a lotta coins threwout the yr newayz, almost impossible to say you dominate h2h every yr if your playing w a full league of competent managers- Too much variance/luck/coin flips

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      • Uh, do you see any Ricky Nolascos on my roster? Sure, any category in any week is a crapshoot in H2H no matter how dominant you think your team is. What you are trying to do is get the odds in your favor.

        Yes, the downside to loading up on SP's to try to dominate W's and K's is that you jeopardize your ERA and WHIP. What I learned last year, though, was that you can do very well in ERA and WHIP if you don't get too fixated on K's for any one pitcher and load up on SP's who have historically low WHIP's.

        Yes, you will occasionally run into a team that is able to suppress ERA and WHIP with a handful of good SP's and the rest RP's but they are even more likely to lose K's and W's and are usually not so strong on the offensive side of the ball either.

    • Why would you punt saves in a 5x5-?? Your pretty much saying your playing for 3rd at best before you even draft- Do not advise that whatsoever

    • good job


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