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  • Conrad Conrad Mar 6, 2013 12:46 PM Flag

    Auction League Keeper Advice - Keep Lawrie or Stanton?

    I'm in an auction league with standard positions (1 @ each position, 2 Utils, 2 SP, 2 RP, 4 P, 6 BN) where you can keep up to five keepers, each one costing last years draft price + $1 for the first keeper, $4 for the second, then $7, $10 and $13.

    Potential Keepers:

    Mike Trout @ $1
    Anthony Rizzo @ $1
    Brett Lawrie @ $2
    Eric Hosmer @ $5
    Jason Heyward @ $17

    My original plan was to do this:

    Keeper 1: Rizzo @ $2
    Keeper 2: Trout @ $5
    Keeper 3: Heyward @ $24
    Keeper 4: Lawrie @ $12

    I would stash Rizzo and Lawrie at my 2 Utility spots, freeing up cash to go after some more prominent 3B and 1B targets. Furthermore, I'm pretty flexible with money, as our salary cap is $270, but through trades and such last year I have $288 at my disposal.

    However, I'm being offered to trade Lawrie for Giancarlo Stanton who was drafted @ $24 last year, which would make my keepers look like this:

    Keeper 1: Rizzo @ $2
    Keeper 2: Trout @ $5
    Keeper 3: Heyward @ $24
    Keeper 4: Stanton @ $34

    I'm having trouble deciding if I should do the deal. On the one hand, trading for Stanton gives me a stacked outfield, and I'm getting a pretty good haul for an unproven player in Lawrie. But at the same time I'm not getting too much value on Heyward and Stanton (perhaps a little) and I'm hesitant to give up on a potential 20/20 third baseman. Then again, I have some spare cash, so perhaps it's worth locking up those two guys at market value rather than miss out on them in the draft. Is it short sighted to give up on Lawrie, or does the deal put me in too good of a position to pass up? With Trout @ $5 I'd really like to think I have a chance to win it all. Thanks for your advice!

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