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  • JD JD Mar 6, 2013 1:35 PM Flag

    Basic 5x5 Roto $200 thru Lgsafe

    Thats funny Tim cause i joined last night and created a post asking to change trade review to league instead of commish and you kicked me out within 5 mins- Then you sent me an email saying the league was full- wityh 12 paid already- SCAM HERE EVERYONE DO NOT JOIN THIS- Pathetic #$%$ loser

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    • no you fool...it was full, somebody pulled out....just like someone else should have that I know. Also of note, if you knew how to read, you would have read that there would be "NO" changes made to the league settings .......sorry you disgruntled little man....happy as he!! we all didn't have to put up with your nonsensical self

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      • 1 person or 3 lol cause you said 9 paid this morning outta 12 - You need to keep track of your lies little man- FOLKS THIS IS A SCAM, leave your email ill send you the proof, this guys lies are right ^^^^^^^^ ( 9 have paid??? Now its 1 dropped out; whats the real story??

        He got mad when i posted that league review was the ONLY way to in money leagues when playing for money - reason why is you get 2 teams and make them 1 thus putting in 400 and making 1400 pretty easily, nice scam its the oldest one in the money league books-
        Neways after i posted he kicked me out within 5 mins and puled down the post- Then he said it was full last night and reposted today saying he only had 9 guys in, then 11, yada yada scam scam


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