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  • jayway jayway Mar 4, 2013 8:54 PM Flag

    Keeper Help...Tough one.

    10 team 5 keeper league going into year 7. Scoring is 7x7 with R,H,HR,RBI,SB,AVE,OBP for Hitters and W,K's,Saves,CG,ERA,WHIP,QS. I've built this team over the years through the draft and a few trades and now I have to many good players to choose from. Some help would be appreciated and I will gladly return the favor if you have a question. Here are my keeper options.

    1. Ryan Braun (def keeping)
    2. Cargo (def keeping)
    3 Longoria (def keeping)

    last two spots between
    Pedroia (leaning on because second base is weak position)
    Castro (same reason)
    Adrian Gonzalez
    Justin Upton (who I kept last two seasons)
    King Felix.

    Please pick 2 and why.

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    • i feel like with castro you have the best keeper shortstop and that can be a very valuable thing to have. then i would go felix, he is in the middle of a great career and is only 26, his best year could still be ahead of him. peddy seems a little injury prone and i dont know if you can bank on upton year after year and while his upside is great for this year he is still a question mark

    • I would take Felix definately. Since your league counts complete games as a stat, King Felix is your man. He has thrown at least 5 complete games in each of the last 3 seasons (he threw 6 in 2009). The next closest to that over the last 3 years is Verlander, who threw 6 last year and 4 the 2 years prior. After those 2, nobody has thrown nearly that many over the last 3 years. Plus, Felix is just an overall beast and having one elite pitcher will definately make things easier for you over the course of the year.

      As for the second pick, it's really hard for me to choose. I really dont like Pedroia out of the guys listed honestly. I understand wanting to pick him due to position scarcity, but I think he's over-rated a bit. I feel like going after Neil Walker midway through your re-draft is a better option. And for upton, you've allready got Cargo and Braun in the OF. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Upton fan and expect some increased numbers from last season, but It's also a risky play considering that he's with a new ball club (even though it's a better offense in ATL, that doesnt always mean increased production). I actionally have been shying away from Upton in drafts, I feel like it's a risky play as he could either either have a great bounce back year, or he could continue to not live up to his hype. A-Gon is kind of out of the quetion here compared to your other options. Personally, I would take Starlin Castro. I do see a lot of risk here, but I see huge upside as well. Shortstop is still a slim position to me, and I think he will produce better than Pedroia (you're other postion scarcity pick). Plus, if he does breakout this year, you will be able to keep him for years to come! Any way you slice it, it's going to work out though. I just prefer Castro in this particular situation.

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      • I would keep Pedroia and Castro that way you have your infield locked up with all top 5 players with the exception of 1b which is deep. You have 2 of the best OF to start with so you should be able to nab a decent 1b early in the draft them concentrate on the other positions that are left which are all pretty deep. Good luck

    • Pedroia and Upton for me. Upton is gonna bounce back nicely and Pedroia is right behind Cano for the top 2B. You may be able to get Castro/A-Gon back in the draft.

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      • Yea that's the way im leaning. If I lose out on castro then my fall back is Desmond or Asdrubal later in the draft. But its tough to throw back felix. I feel like I can get back one or the other with the 7th pick. Pujols and tulo are back in the draft due to keeper rules so they go 1-2. The guy drafting 3rd has Reyes,4th has hanley, 5th pick kept all pitching and david wright. 6th kept Hamels and Shields so I doubt he goes pitching. he's a big rangers fan so he will prolly take Andrus that leaves me with felix or Castro at 7. I hope lol.

    • I agree with you, 2B is just overall weak so Pedroia would have to be one. And i'd say Upton, but since you have Cargo and Braun, i'd go with Felix. Personally, i just like having that one top pitcher i could confide in. You could always take a late SS like Rutledge and come out fine.

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