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    big believer in position scarcity drafting - 12 team 5x5 standard roto...which are your top 3 deepest postions, and your top 3 most scarce positions....thanks

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    • Deepest- 1st, Of, 3rd

      Scarce-2nd, SS, Rp

    • 2b is most scarce, of deepest

    • 3B is a lot deeper than people realize. D-Neff was right with his comment. Are they all Miggy? No. But there are plenty of formidable options.

    • As usual the infield positions are the most scarcest,with 2B & 3B topping the list then SS & catcher closely behind.The reason I think 3B is scarce is A.Rod has completely fallen out of fantasy relevancy,and the top 4
      3rd basemen are going in the top 30 of most drafts.So if you miss out on the top 4 the pickings get extremely thin.I like Headly in the mid rounds,and some people like Zimmerman,Brett Lawrie,& Sandoval but if you want a sure fire beast you're gonna have to spend a very high draft pick on a 3rd baseman.
      I did a lot of mock drafts,and expanded my pre-draft player rankings to 500 players.Then I printed it,divided the players into rounds,and HI-LITED players I like in each round.
      This freed me up to take the best available players early,and then go hard after my HI-LITED players later.And I got 95% of my targeted players;Which were mostly who I thought were under rated players like A.Rizzo,I.Davis,Melky Cabrera,J.Kipnis,Salvador Perez,and I missed on Starlin Castro,so I settled on my last HI-LITED SS Alcides Escobar in my 12 team league.
      I'm not totally disappointed in Alcides because I needed some steals,but it did open my eyes to how shallow SS is in 12 team leagues,and I'm glad I had that pre-draft player cheat sheet with me.
      OF,SP,and RP is the deepest positions by far,but I took OFers & a SP in the 1st 3 rounds because they were the best players available,and I was confident I could fill out the "shalow positions" later,and,at least on paper it seems to have worked out really well.
      Bottom line:Know where the sleepers/bargains are BEFORE your actual draft.

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      • Not a believer anymore in postion scarcity, was at one point, but i believe its overated as depth has gotten a lot better on the inf in the last 5 yrs- Every postion is deep enough in a 12 teamer to be just fine- Value draft all the way threw and spend 2 or 3 picks on middle rps towards the end- (Dhernandez/Robertson) Dont neglect pitching and be balanced, right there you should be ahead of 6/12 teams already out the gates

      • 3b is not thin. Thats funny stuff.

        You got Miggy, Beltre, Longo, Wright, Hanley, Zimm, Lawrie, Headley, Pablo, Aram, Prado, Freese, Trumbo, Moose, Middlebrooks, Machado...that's 16 options right there. You should have no problem getting a legit 3b or a 3b with good upside potential.

      • Thanks for the info. Which would you take first, not as first pick but say 6 or 7 round, Rollins or Wilin Rosario? I had them last year and can't keep them but would like to get one or both of them back.

    • OF, SP, and 3B are deep
      2B, SS, and C are scarce, but you can get a decent C around pick 90.


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