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    First Trade:

    I gave---Hunter Pence, Adam Dunn, Craig Kimbrel, and Wei-Yin Chen

    I got---Ichiro Suzuki, Andre Ethier, Marco Scutaro, and Madison Bumgarner

    The other thinks he got a great deal, but I believe I got the great deal. I don't want Dunn at all, he could easily suck it up. Hunter Pence is just an alright player that can be replaced by anyone on waivers like Ryan Ludwick or Cody Ross. Wei-Yin Chen is okay, but there are people on waivers that will rise once the season starts.

    Second Trade:

    I gave---Mike Moustakas and Kendrys Morales

    I got---Derek Jeter and Wade Miley

    I offered him a much better deal than this but those are the two players he wanted, hahaha. I don't get it...they are both on teams that will be around 4th place all season and also two players that could easily flop. Jeter is proven and will produce regardless and Miley is a young stud coming up in a team that has a very bright future.

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    • How deep is this league? Ichiro, Ethier, Scutaro are all pretty bleh. Mad Bum is definitely the best player and worth more than Kimbrel. Losing Pence and Dunn for those has you lose a lot of HR/RBI. The 2nd trade you got taken. Jeter is terrible and probably wont play 100 games. I'd take Mous over him easy. I guess you needed another SP but Miley isn't much. Extremely low K's puts him way down the list. He's also in a hitters park with a poor lineup so he's also missing out on Wins. Losing Morales has you losing even more HR/RBI. I really don't like the trades. Sorry I know it's not what you wanted to hear... or read. I've got a post I could use some help with. Feel free to rip it apart.

    • I want to mention that I have Mariano, Putz, and Romo as closers...I don't need Craig Kimbrel.

    • Not a fan of either trade.

      Pence is equal to Ethier to me, and while Bumgarner is the best player in the first trade, Ichiro and Scutaro are waiver fodder. You weakened both offense and RP more than you improved your rotation in my opinion.

      And I feel you gave up the two best players in the second trade. Moustakas looks like a breakout candidate, and Morales finally looked healthy in the 2nd half last year putting up 14 HR and 40 RBI in 64 games. You also lost a lot of value by now having the two oldest starting SS in the league on your team, neither of which is likely to play well enough to adequately fill your UTL spot. I'm a Yankees fan and I wouldn't touch Jeter at this point of this career. His base numbers looked decent last year but all he did was hit singles, it's highly unlikely he'll put up another above average season if that's all he has left.

    • makes no sense to me drafting Kimbrell so early then trading him when you could have drafted a GiO or Halladay type 200 k SP in that spot

    • On eye appeal the 1st trade it looks like you gave up more than you got but if you needed a sp it worked for you. the second trade if you needed a ss it was a very good trade for you. My guess is you did need sp so good job for getting the deals done

    • I think you lost both trades

      Bumgarner is good to get though

      and moustakas is a sleeper to be good, especially only getting Jeter back, i dont think Miley brings much.

    • i think your relievers are more injury prone than you think and you will miss kimbrel dearly actually. i like bumgarner a lot but pence is the best hitter involved in that trade, not sure why you discount him. definitely not a bad trade but i dont think you won, could go either way. the second trade i like for you for sure, although mous has the most upside involved, which can be big for your players that arent key


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