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  • Fish Fish Mar 4, 2013 1:44 AM Flag

    Ha ever won 3 fantasy championships in a row?

    do u have a strategy for drafting that led to going to the finals 4 years straight?? just interested

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    • i play in a 8 team h2h 10x10 keeper so i try to have pitching alot of pitching..and go after as many bats as possible. but when you have keppers like verlander,kershaw,kimbrel,trout and joey bats. the draft is just pick speed,bats, and pitching..i try to pay attention to spring games to see who i might pick up as a sleeper i know spring games dont mean much but you can get a feel of whos got the best chance to help my team. i have been burned by this but for the most part it works for me.. i have no idea if this will be of any help to you but it works for me...best of luck this season...cant wait for opening day..

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      • same i cant wait man. ive gotten second and 3rd and my focus has always been strong on hitting for the first 4 rounds (at least) and then load up on pitching for my bench slots like u said cuz they'll help u more than having a hitter there that u probly wont use as much. i was j/w what could take me all the way cuz this is a money league 12 team h2h no keepers. my strategy so far is hitting til the 5th round and maybe hope to bank off a sherzer/halladay combo after locking up my batters. anyways no matter how u strategize every draft differs from the mocks so i just gotta go with the flow and hopefully rape this year. good luck to u too man

    • I always try to get at least 3 starters who are Cy Young worthy...and I try to carry 3 or 4 top closers. On offense I try to get as many 30HR 100RBI type hitters as possible. Last year I drafted Cano with first pick and I got Ryan Braun in 3rd round because he was supposed to be suspended for 50 games but he never got suspended and was an MVP for sure. This year my draft didn't go quite as planned. I've got really good pitching but a very iffy offense.


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