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  • Bodacious Bodacious Mar 2, 2013 12:48 PM Flag

    Will my pitching staff carry me to the playoffs? Any ideas?

    12 team H2H.

    Starters: David Price, Bumgarner, Cole Hamels, Buerhle, Jason Vargas.
    Closers: Jim Johnson, Putz, Hanrahan, Motte, Nathan.
    I also have Drew Storen (who may or may not be a closer) waiting to see. May drop him if he doesnt close and pick up another bat.

    I don't have any speed. Rutledge & Eaton are question marks. I have 2 open roster spots.

    Miguel Montero-C
    Adam Laroche-1B
    Josh Rutledge-2B
    Miggy Cabrera-3B
    Starlin Castro-SS
    Josh Willingham-OF
    Alphonso Soriano-OF
    Mark Trumbo-OF
    Adam Eaton-UTIL, OF
    Alexi Ramirex- UTIL, SS

    I think I have a decent amount of power hitters. 5 guys who will deliver 30HR and 100RBI. Need Castro to step up big this year. I think my pitching staff can compete with anybody's - especially when Price, Bumgarner & Hamels pitch twice in a week. Playoff team for sure, not confident I can win it all again. Ruledge & Eaton could be sleepers or busts. Ideas?

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    • trade miggy in a 3 for 1 trade to improve your bats... I wouldnt survive with Josh at 2B, LaRoche at 1B and a bunch of aged OF(no offense) get middle round value for miggy and improve your whole team

    • i dont see you winning wins or ks enough to have a dominant pitching staff. and since you spent a lot on pitching i think its in your best interest to get more starters that are good. i dont think you will be very competitive in runs, sbs, or avg and i your power hitters outside of miggy are pretty inconsistent so i cant say im a big fan of this team

    • You don't necessarily need SB's if you can dominate the pitching categories. I would not put hitters on your bench in a H2H league. You may be a bit challenged for K's and W's with your pitching, but should be solid in ERA and WHIP. I would look for a couple of low WHIP SP's with decent K rates to extend your rotation and try for more W's and K's without blowing your WHIP and ERA.


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