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    Auction Draft Strategy

    What is the best way to approach this

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    • I will echo what's been said so far: 1. You have to know what your upper bid limit is for any one player and also how much $total you are willing to spend on your top 3-4 players. 2. Make sure you keep enough $$ in reserve so you can bid at least $2-3 at the end of the draft. 3. Make lists of players for each position who you are quite sure will be available for less than $3. If there are none you like at a given position, then you know you have to be more aggressive about getting someone early to fill it. 4. After last year's draft, even though I ended up with just $3 left over, I realized I could have been more aggressive at the top of the draft. 5. Most players in the $5-15 range are not significantly better than what you can get for under $3. Don't be afraid to allocate money from the $5-15 crowd to get 1 or 2 more elite players.

    • You should expand your pr-draft player list to abut 500 payers,save it,print it,then group the players in rounds (each round equals the number of bidders)..
      Then go through each round you'll bid in (the number of positions on your roster),and HI-LITE players you really like,ones you kind of like,and players that are just good bargains.I'd also HI-LITE very good category producers;Like hitters that hit over 30 homers last season,stole 30 bases,pitchers with over 180 Ks,15 wins,and every closer after round 10.
      I give the same advice o snake draft people.With you it'll help you know where you should buy speed,power,or pitching.You can pretty much envision,and/or write down before your draft what your team will look like.Plan ahead in what CATEGORIES you want to dominate in your league,and know what players will PRODUCE in those categories.
      Also,when you pick a player for everyone to bid on NEVER pick a player you actually want.The longer your targeted player lasts the CHEAPER he'll be.And construct a team that has good continuity in the categories you want to dominate.Like if batting average is a high priority,don't draft some high batting average guys early then players like Adam Dunn & Mark Reynolds later.And if you want a lot of Ks & Ws don't draft a lot of offensive bench warmers;You'd want a HIGH QUANTITY of pitchers.Also,don't spend a lot of money on closers,you'll most likely be able to get 2 to 5 of them (Depending how strong you want to be in the saves category.) very late into your draft.I like carrying the max amount of closers I can start because along with the saves they also boost your Ks,Ws,and help lower your whip & era.

      Good Luck

    • Set a limit to what you will spend for any given player (a max of maybe $40 even for Trout or Braun.) Work a couple of practice drafts so you can feel what it's like to have $12 left and need 10 players (that really sucks). And do another one so you can feel how useless it is to have $40 left when everybody else has $10 or less and needs more players than you do. Look at Yahoo's average draft $ values ... those will be the baseline, plus or minus 10 to 15% for your auction's actual price. Bid up guys you are not interested in early on to help burn up the autopickers' money. After a couple or three rounds go relentlessly after guys you really want, without exceeding your max price. And have fun! I love auctions!

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      • Cheap skates never win buy your team don`t be afraid to spend for a Trout or Miggy I did a yahoo auction last night and bought Trout Miggy and Braun about 180 dollar on 3 picks and still ended up with a team I like sure my SP are a little weak K-rate wise but there are 5 sp on every team and at least 10 step up every season you can grab off the FA also you can never have 2 many closers try only drafting 1 and see how far you get

      • Best advice i can give u is never nominate a player u really want until u know u can get him for the price u wanna pay. the way i play it is go after one top tier hitter and pitcher than fill my team with mid level guys wont give u a ton of superstars but you will have the most depth of any team


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