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  • Dylan Dylan Feb 27, 2013 11:01 PM Flag

    Dynasty trade review!!! Help

    I just traded for harper I knew he wouldn't be a push over to get so I went a little more then I should

    I traded. B.Phillips, Jordan Zimmerman, BJ. Upton. 3rd round draft pick 2014

    For Harper, galardo, P. Alvarez 1st round draft pick 2014

    Who won? Btw I already have cano&peddy at 2nd so I had no spot for Phillips

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    • In Dynasty you won this trade by a landslide to get Harper, Gallardo and a 1st RD pick in 2014 hands down in my eyes, excellent trade on your end

    • I think to a great extent it depends how Alvarez develops this year and beyond. The rest of the players are basically known quantities. As you said, Phillips was a no-brainer given your depth at second, it is tough to see Jordan Zimmermann go in a keeper, and long-term he may be the better option than Gallardo. I'm not buying the hype that Upton will be a new player just because he is on the same team with his brother. Do I think you could have gotten more? Yes, I think so. You had the opportunity to sell higher including those three in a deal. But long-term, depending on the number of keepers your league allows, you may be the winner just because you got Harper. If your league allows few keepers, it's a clear win, and in that case the number 1 pick in 2014 looms even larger for you since few keepers means better talent in that first round. You have to be prepared to lose on this trade in the short term, but baseball is a funny thing. You may get great performances from all three this year, and a year or two down the line the other guy may regret the deal. But barring any injuries, I don't see you regretting having Harper on your team down the line.


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