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  • Randy Randy Feb 23, 2013 8:01 PM Flag

    World Baseball Classic

    Do you like it?
    Do you think it unnecessarily increases the risk of injury to MLB players? (Especially the ones on our fantasy teams!)
    Do you think it has ANY benifit to MLB players?
    Is it a complete waste of time?
    What countries do you like to win it,and why?

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    • I like it,

      although I'm not sure why it has to be every 4 years since there's no competing tournament. The Summer Olympics is every 4 years, World Cup (of soccer) is every 4 years, and both are competitors in terms of a global sports competition but they're alternate every 2 years. Since WBC has no rival, it should be more often, it it wants to fulfill the goal of being a tournament people recognize -- the modern olympics alternates between summer and winter to keep it fresh. I think Selig should do good by making it happen every 2 years.

      I don't think MLB players _have_ to play, but more power to them if they do. There's tons of talent in the minor leagues, like AAAAers who can finally showcase some talent, or rookies who haven't gotten into the 40 day roster.

      There's no benefit to MLB players except the money compensation and national pride I suppose.

      I don't think it's a waste of time. Have an international competition for baseball is important for the sport, for the long term. It's been cut from the summer olympics and the WBC is the only way to get MLB talent playing.

      I'd like the US to win of course. If not, then the Dominican Republic due to the number of stars they've produced, seriously look it up.

    • Puerto Rico all the way... except for the SP rotation... yuck

    • There is a risk of Injury but the players that play in it come into the Season at MLB speed since your facing top end pitchers and batters not rookies that have little chance of making the final cuts
      I go for the U.S.A why? Because in a true RED-WHITE & BLUE AMERICAN


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