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  • Glenn Glenn Feb 23, 2013 4:18 PM Flag

    9th pick in 12 team Mock Draft. How did I do?

    1. Joey Votto (1B)
    2. Evan Longoria (3B)
    3. Ian Kinsler (2B)
    4. Cliff Lee (SP)
    5. Zack Greinke (SP)
    6. Ben Zobrist (SS/2B/OF)
    7. Johnny Cueto (SP)
    8. Desmond Jennings (OF)
    9. Matt Moore (SP)
    10. Carlos Beltran (OF)
    11. Doug Fister (SP)
    12. Joe Nathan (RP)
    13. Adam LaRoche (1B-Util)
    14. Ryan Doumit (C/OF)
    15. Ben Revere (OF)
    16. Andre Either (OF-Util)
    17. JJ Hardy (SS-BN)
    18. Rafael Betancourt (RP)
    19. Todd Fraizer (1B/3B/OF-BN)
    20. Brandon McCarthy (SP)
    21. Mike Morse (OF-BN)
    22. Ricky Romero (SP-BN)
    23. Lorenzo Cain (OF-BN)
    24. Alex Rodriguez (3B-BN)

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    • Catcher and OF sucks overall. Infielders are good to go. SPs are good, but not enough. Why in the world would you draft Jennings in the 8th round??????

    • Two closers wont win you the save categorie;Either get 3,or more closers,or punt the category.
      I could understand,though,if you want to just draft 2 closers then add 1,or more later as the closers change jobs;That's a decent strategy,because the closer position is more of a fluid position than an etched in stone position.
      I don't like Cain & A.Rod in the last rounds;I'd rather have more pitchers.Big offensive benches equate to deadweight.Most offensive benchwarmers don't get enough starts to justify owning them.So you might as well get those extra Ks,Ws,and/or saves from added pitchers.
      As far as your early picks,Cliff Lee was a mistake.You should've taken an OFer in the 4th round,then an SP in the 10th.
      The 4th round is a great round for OFers with players like Ellsbury,Harper,Cespedes,Adam Jones,and Jay Bruce going there;Then in the 10th there's SPs like Ian Kennedy,Lincecum (Could have a huge bounce back year.),and Samardja.Mocks are to help you iron out these decisions,but the thing I've found is it's better to draft HIGH QUALITY HITTERS & A HIGH QUANTITY OF PITCHERS.This would mean taking Ian Kennedy & Ellsbury (contract year player) over Cliff Lee & over the hill Carlos Beltran.
      I still believe in taking 2,or 3 SPs in the 1st 10 rounds,but offense takes precedence over them.I liked Greinke in the 5th,and Fister in the 11th..I just think you went a little too much overboard taking 5 SPs in the 1st 11 rounds,and Lee is the pick that hurt your offense the worst.

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      • All great advice. I really appreciate the feedback. The tip about Cliff Lee was especially helpful. I realize now that drafting a pitcher too early forced me to reach for Jennings to get my first OF, when I should have kept drafting offense. I thought I read someone else's draft strategies of making 4 of the first 5 picks offense and having a pitcher among the first 5 picks, but I see now that the better approach is as you put it: High quality hitters and high quantity of pitchers.

        As far as closers go, yeah this is a category that I don't put a lot of emphasis on. In my view, closers are not that important since saves are only 1 stat out of 10 in this standard 5x5 league and I think my efforts are better spent in other areas, but I could be wrong. It might not be a bad idea to have an extra closer since my bench will encompass more pitching and less hitting.

        As for A-Rod, I took a gamble that I would stash him in 1 of my 2 DL spots and then put him in towards the end of the season for late rewards. Fortunately, this was just a practice round against AIs and my draft isn't until late March. I've got a lot of time to practice, and I'll take your advice to heart.

    • Love the 1st 2 picks. I think you went for too much pitching too early. Love the Zobrist pick. Reached on Jennings. Your OF is weak and Sb/Avg could be problems.. All in all pretty solid tho.


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