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  • Bobby Bobby Feb 23, 2013 2:59 PM Flag

    Did my homework, what do you think?

    This is all in 5X5 Roto terms, not Head to Head, Enjoy.

    C. Carlos Santana
    1B. Paul Goldschmidt
    2B. Brandon Phillips
    3B. Miguel Cabrerea
    SS. Jose Reyes
    OF. Jayson Heyward
    OF. Shin Soo-Choo
    OF. Carlos Gomez/Michael Morse
    UT. Ryan Zimmerman
    UT. Ike Davis/Michael Morse

    So even if my offense just repeated last year, and the only regression I think I'll have on this team is Miguel Cabrera, I would have been 1st or 2nd in every offensive catagory but AVG in all 3 of my leagues last year, I'll consider it 11.5 for R,HR,RBI,SB and 8 for AVG.

    So that's 54 for the top.

    SP. Jeff Samardzija
    SP. Brett Anderson
    RP. Jason Grilli
    RP. Glen Perkins
    P. Jose Veras
    P. Kenley Jansen
    P. David Robertson
    P. David Hernandez
    BN. Matt Garza
    BN. Doug Fister
    BN. Stream SP

    The pitching is where it gets a little tougher. Let's say the best case scenario is that my 4 SP's all get around 170IP and a modest stat line.

    680IP 50W 625K 3.75ERA 1.22WHIP

    Adding what my 3 closers did last year, tack on some saves and my new total comes to.

    875IP 59W 75SV 872K 3.57ERA 1.22WHIP

    The combination of Kenley Jansen, David Robinson and David Hernanadez play as my 5th starter and have flat out amazing ratios since they've been in the league, not to mention they're behind closers with question marks. Last year the three combined for 193IP 9W 31SV 278K 2.51ERA 1.01WHIP. So instead of having starters that aren't starting in my P spots, I have 3 guys putting up a monster line.

    1068IP 68W 106SV 1150K 3.51ERA 1.20WHIP

    You can only have 1400IP so the last 332IP is where I do my homework. I have a set list of players to pick up in FA and only do so when they have an excellent match up i.e. vs. Marlins, @ Petco. A 332IP 28W 300K 3.30ERA 1.20WHIP is just a guess, but this should boost my wins and ERA significantly.

    1400IP 96W 106SV 1450K 3.44ERA 1.20WHIP

    So That gives me 12 points for K 10 for W,ERA,WHIP and 8 for SV.

    50 for the bottom. Making my score 104, which wins in every 5X5 league. Even if you take away a whole category of points I would still have 92 witch is a 1st place score.

    Thanks for reading! Tell me what you think?

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