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  • Todd Todd Feb 22, 2013 7:17 AM Flag

    drafting holds

    I'm compiling a player ranking list for a couple of upcoming drafts and was a little unsure where to slot the set-up guys for holds. Two leagues are 400 players (16 & 20) H2H, with one of them being an auto pick. Another is only 300 players (12), but it is an expanded 7x7 roto league that includes holds. My initial ranking had them starting at about 250 and plug one in every 10-20 spots. I guess my question is, is that too high, too low, just right?

    I've learned in the auto-pick league that if you don't set your own rankings you just get dealt with whatever Yahoo spits out and sometimes that is #$%$ so I want to make sure I'm getting some good selections, without sacrificing other positions. I'd rather have a Jonny Venters or Ryan Cook than some random back up infielder at 260 that won't help me much. But I also don't want to go to low and sacrifice a decent starter or hitter that can contribute over a few categories. Typically set-up guys aren't rated very high, but my thinking is that if holds is a category, they aren't that much less important than the closers, i.e. both categories are weighted the same one isn't any more important than the other. Granted, if they were as good as the closers, they would be closing games. So while they may not have the same strikeout rates and are a little more risky in terms of ERA and WHIP, they can still help you win a category.

    What should my thought process be for slotting these guys?

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    • Holds guys are much easier to find than closers. 1 closer per team, 2-3 pitchers per team that will pick up holds. The elite holds guys of 2011 (Clippard, Marshall, Venters, Bard etc.) weren't the elite holds guys of 2012. (Peralta, Pestano, Grilli, etc.) so it's more of a #$%$ shoot imo.

    • sucks its going to be autopicked. i usually like to own a bullpen in those scenarios, maybe get soriano, storen, and clippard, which would be hard in an autopick. generally speaking though, holds are very cheap and even if you dont draft them you should be able to pick them up or trade for guys you like very easily. id probably put the top guys (pestano, robertson, storen, cook) around 200 and have them trickle down from there. pretty reliable guys, if the rosters are deep ill take 3

    • Slot the ones you want about two rounds earlier than Yahoo has them, earlier if you think you will have other managers bumping them up in their rankings.


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