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    Keep 7 at where they were drafted or acquired

    I'm in a 10 team H2H league with the standard 10 categories plus Total Bases on offense and Losses for pitching. We each keep 7 and get to keep the players in the round they were drafted or you can use your last pick on free agents. 2 free agents will cost you your last 2 picks, 3 will cost you 3, etc. Here is my team and where I drafted everyone or acquired them. Whom would you keep? Thanks in advance for your opinions.

    1 Troy Tulowitski
    2 Justin Verlander
    3 Andrew McCutchen
    5 Bret Lawrie
    6 David Price & Mike Napoli ( Via Trade)
    7 Brandon Phillips
    8 Ryan Howard
    10 Extra Pick (Via Trade)
    11 Josh Johnson
    15 No Pick (Via Trade)
    16 Joe Nathan & Jeremy Hellickson (Via Trade)
    20 Mike Trout (Via Trade)
    FA Chris Davis
    FA Adam Dunn
    FA Danny Espinoza
    FA Austin Jackson
    FA Willin Rosario
    FA Jayson Werth
    FA Josh Beckett
    FA AJ Burnett
    FA Chris Carpenter
    FA Lance Lynn
    FA Glenn Perkins

    I am keeping: Tulo, Trout, McCutchen, Verlander and Price. The ? is the last 2 I am leaning towards Rosario and Jackson because I am thinking they give me the most value at drafting them at rounds 22 & 23. Your thoughts???

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