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  • PJ PJ Feb 19, 2013 7:51 PM Flag

    Keeper Help

    16 team league h2h 7x7 league...we get to keep 7. The first few are really easy, but I'm having trouble at the end...

    1) OF - Matt Kemp
    2) SP - Jered Weaver
    3) 1B - Edwin Encarnacion
    4) SS - Ian Desmond

    here's who's left...
    C,1B - Joe Mauer (injury is a concern, but potential to land on a contender has upside)
    2B, SS, OF - Ben Zobrist (Ability to play so many positions is huge)
    1B - Freddy Freeman (Potential to put up big numbers with that outfield)
    SP - James Shields (Going to be their ACE, but can they score)
    SP - Dan Haren (Ehhh not really)
    RP - Fernando Rodney (AMAZING last year-Auditioning for a killer contract next year)
    RP - Jason Motte (Has potential, but RISKY)

    I lost my 2nd, and 3rd round picks to trades, but I have 3 in the 4th.

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    • 1.Edwin may be a 1 season wonder,I'd keep Freeman for security at 1B.
      2.The Royals' offense is slowly improving through the youngsters & Butler,& Shields is a K beast,keep him.
      3.2nd base is the shallowest position for talent,especially when the top ones will mostly be locked as keepers,I'd keep Zobrist.

      So,keep Freeman,Shields,and Zobrist;And redraft closers.A closer is a closer.They don't control how many save chances they get,it's a complete crapshoot with closers year to year..Hell,Rondon may be the best closer when it's all said & done this year;You never know with closers.


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