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  • King King Feb 17, 2013 3:30 PM Flag

    Why Lawrie is o-ranked at 61....

    His .273 73-11-48-13 line was done in 125 games.

    In 162 games, that would be .273 95-14-62-17.

    He is 23 years old. I can see him going .275 95 runs 18 homers 70 rbi's and 20 sb's this year. Considering he plays 3b, that's easily top 60.

    Nuff said.

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    • and his pace in the 43 games as a rookie is .293 92-36-100-28
      He's likely not going to achieve that but that is where the hype comes from. I expect more HRs than you suggest SBs being about right 17-22. And yes easily top 60 especially getting SBs for a 3b?
      Dumbest move by the Brewers. To not have Lawrie a much better Defensive 3b than the now being paid 10+Mil Aramis. To think what they could be doing with 3b locked up for a long time and an extra 10mil in payroll to spend? Ugh %^&*# You Marcum!

    • a good comp might be b phillips, but at 3b. Don't think he'll ever be a top 25-30 player, the hype was a little big on him, but he's quality.


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