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  • Matthew Matthew Feb 17, 2013 2:53 PM Flag

    Rate my mock draft on a scale of 1-10 please

    Eight team mock draft. I think I did very well.
    1. Ryan Braun (Mil - OF)
    2. Clayton Kershaw (LAD - SP)
    3. David Price (TB - SP)
    4. Hanley Ramírez (LAD - 3B,SS)
    5. Cole Hamels (Phi - SP)
    6. Ryan Zimmerman (Was - 3B)
    7. Craig Kimbrel (Atl - RP)
    8. Jason Kipnis (Cle - 2B)
    9. Ben Zobrist (TB - 2B,SS,OF)
    10. Freddie Freeman (Atl - 1B)
    11. Víctor Martínez (Det - C)
    12. Jonathan Papelbon (Phi - RP)
    13. Ian Kennedy (Ari - SP)
    14. Nelson Cruz (Tex - OF)
    15. Chris Davis (Bal - 1B,OF)
    16. Jim Johnson (Bal - RP)
    17. Ike Davis (NYM - 1B)
    18. Paul Konerko (CWS - 1B)
    19. Salvador Pérez (KC - C)
    20. Adam LaRoche (Was - 1B)
    21. Mike Minor (Atl - SP)
    22. Andre Ethier (LAD - OF)
    23. Tim Hudson (Atl - SP)

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    • 1. Robinson Cano (NYY - 2B)
      2. Prince Fielder (Det - 1B)
      3. Troy Tulowitzki (Col - SS)
      4. Cole Hamels (Phi - SP)
      5. Zack Greinke (LAD - SP)
      6. Yoenis Cespedes (Oak - OF)
      7. Allen Craig (StL - 1B,OF)
      8. Aramis Ramirez (Mil - 3B)
      9. Max Scherzer (Det - SP)
      10. Miguel Montero (Ari - C)
      11. Austin Jackson (Det - OF)
      12. Joe Nathan (Tex - RP)
      13. Nelson Cruz (Tex - OF)
      14. Jim Johnson (Bal - RP)
      15. Adam LaRoche (Was - 1B)
      16. Tom Wilhelmsen (Sea - RP)
      17. Pedro Alvarez (Pit - 3B)
      18. Todd Frazier (Cin - 1B,3B,OF)
      19. Tim Hudson (Atl - SP)
      20. Alcides Escobar (KC - SS)
      21. Everth Cabrera (SD - 2B,SS)
      22. Glen Perkins (Min - RP)
      23. Justin Morneau (Min - 1B)
      Is this better? 10 team.

    • freeman, davis, ike, konerko, laroche is serious overkill. i cant say im a fan of any of your picks after papelbon, in an 8 team league you need to find the guys that are risky and going to break out and then when they dont you have a big FA list to trade them in for. i dont see many guys on this team that are going to outproduce their projections or what theyve done in the past. maybe perez but most of your hitting upside is homers and rbis and i dont see much pitching upside after hamels. im not saying its a bad team but i would take more risks in the last 10 rounds for sure

    • You need a killer offense in such a small league,and you made some mistakes..
      The most glaring mistake is taking a closer before round 10.There are PLENTY of quality closers available after round 9,so you should take a hitter or SP in round 7.(I love Michael Bourn in that range.Bourn would've given your team a much needed boost in runs & S.B.s!)And I'd be very apprehensive of using your 1st pick on an OFer (very deep position) that may get suspended for using PEDs (Braun).I'd rather have Cano,McCutchen,Trout,or Miggy over Braun;But if they are gone Braun would be OK.

      And,I would not want the oft injured Zimmerman.I'd much rather have Chase Headly later,or pass on Price early & take Longoria.Remember,SP is a lot deeper then any infield position.But overall you did very good,which probably wouldn't win a 8 team league,but at least be in contention,and have a chance in the playoffs if it's H2H.

    • It's a mock and it's only 8 teams. So honestly, who really cares?

    • I like this team ill give it an 8.5-9.0 at some point during the year you will need to grab a coco crisp type base stealer or trade for 1


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