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  • Jason Jason Feb 17, 2013 11:47 AM Flag

    Just picked Lincecum and Lester in my draft....Opinions?

    I felt that it was a safe place to take that risk. Still have 12 more rounds to go, so I can always grab a couple of back up plans. I've read that Lincecum changed his off season workout and has added about 10lbs. I'm hoping that a return of John Farrell will help Lester rebound to something close to his 2007-2010 form when Farrell was the pitching coach.

    • I'm a Giants fan, so follow their spring training news closely. The early reports on Timmy are indeed encouraging. He bloated up on In-N-Out meals in 2011 then went overboard the other way and was rail thin in 2012. He looks very solid this year. Says he's right at 170 lbs which is perfect for him. He looks like he's added strength too.


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