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  • Randy Randy Feb 16, 2013 2:04 PM Flag

    Grade my team?????

    Team name- HiGH on HGH
    12 team standard yahoo H2H

    C-Salvador Perez
    SS-Alcides Escobar
    OF-Melky Cabrera
    UT-Ike Davis
    OF-W.Myers (NA)
    SS-Billy Hamilton (NA)

    Jason Hammel
    Scott Diamond
    Brandon Beachy (DL)

    (Obviously Billy Hamilton,Myers,and Beachy were drafted late with future potential in mind.)
    So,I did lots of pop quizzes (mock drafts),,BUT did I pass my final exam?


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    • Too much risk in your picks. It's a bad idea to draft an SP first round in H2H and a worse idea to follow it up with two risk picks in Stanton and Ellsbury. Yes they have a lot of upside but It really hurts that you didn't get a cant miss bat in the first three rounds. You also have no depth whatsoever with two 1b at UTL and another 2 NA players on your bench, which is worse considering your lack of a no risk offensive stud.

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      • I wanted Miguel Cabrera,but he was taken..
        I got a really late 1st round pick,but I see your point.
        But,Stanton is about as sure of a thing going when it comes to power;I'm hoping the Marlins trade him (as rumored) to a more potent lineup,and a more hitter friendly park.And Ellsbury is in a contract year,so he'll want to get paid.

    • That's a quality draft there. nice mix of Bats and Pitchers. Others will diss your infield but to me they work as a team. you get HRs,Rbis,SBs out of them. There's a lot of good done with this draft Stanton/Verlander/Ellsbury as first 3 picks are very solid. I'm high on Kipnis/Perez....I'm on a hold for Rizzo/Headley but others are high on them. All 4 live to potential and your O is killing.

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      • Thanks,I targeted Headly heavily when I saw espn ranked him at 45 overall,yet yahoo ranked him at 64,and he fell to me even lower then that.I loved his 31 bombs last season,coupled with the fact that the Pads are bringing in their fences this season.The bottom of my pitching is gonna be a work in progress,but I'm happy that that's my biggest weakness because that's probably the easiest part of a fantasy to upgrade over the course of a season.


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