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  • MBV MBV Feb 16, 2013 12:30 AM Flag

    What are the Chances Braun Gets Suspended?

    And if he does, will it happen to start the season?

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    • they dont really have much right now and he made it through the last scandal just fine and put up great numbers. still, to me it seems pretty clear that he hasnt been clean so if that continues he should constantly be at risk to test positive for something. even if its not now he could get suspended during the year. losing melky killed one of my teams last year, ill do what i can to avoid that

    • Brewer fan and this is hot topic obviously. There needs more evidence as the chain of events that brought Braun's name back in to light with newest PED claim makes it seem all the more fishy. Why wasn't he in original article? Why upon digging does he have higher Cost vs all others on list? His Lawyers have come to say they did use Bosch as a consultant.
      I don't think ML can suspend without more to this story. As someone put it, if what biogenis is doing is illegal? why aren't the authorities knocking down their door? They don't even care.
      The big rumor on this story is Bosch is who Leaked Braun's Test to ESPN since there's a dispute on the money owed for the consultation that wasn't even used.
      Apparently, Braun can't come forward any more than he has or risk suspension due to keeping the privacy of his hearing.
      With that said, no I don't see Braun being suspended by season's start. But it's going to hang over him and 50games at any point is too much risk for even I as a Brewer fan willing to take on in Fantasy. What if they overturn his appeal and then hit him for a 2nd infraction with this story? That's 150games!

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      • I'm not sure if they can overturn an appeal, but if they did based on this new evidence then they'd essentially be saying the two are tied together... they wouldn't be able to suspend him twice for the same offense so it would just be the 50 games I'd think... you know, like double jeopardy in the criminal justice system... of course, they screwed Mike Morse back in his early years w/ Seattle by suspending him for the same offense in the minors and then in the majors so you never know....

    • for some reason the "league" is afraid to go after him. highly skilled but cheater nonetheless.

    • being as he didn't when he was caught red handed, i'd say slim to none

    • Close to zero.


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