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  • Darell B Darell B Feb 15, 2013 10:18 AM Flag

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    10 team H2h auction draft-Thanks for the input

    P-Strasburgh-I.Kennedy,J.Zimmerman.K.Loshe,S.Miller,L.Lynn,-W.Miley-Wei Yin Chen,-T.Milone,-C.Kimbral=J.Veras-C.Mamol

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    • Hey Dude, were you drunk when you drafted?

    • Well I think Morneau? not Moreno is your 1b. Ackley has no right being on a Fantasy team. Brantley is looking at being the odd man out in Cleveland so who knows where he plays in Majors if at all. I don't know why Lohse is on your team....11seasons 3 with ERA under 4. B2B means it was 1 in first 9 and now is what? 34? Luck based year. My over/Under on his ERA this season sits around 4NL to 4.6 if in AL. He Ks 5/9 historically. No other complaints with your staff...just giving you a warning on Lohse.
      Veras isn't a closer at least when on a team projected to win what? 45-52games this year? Kimbrel will have as many saves as Houston has wins! Marmol is a 2Whip disaster waiting to happen....Kimbrel is everything Marmol hoped he'd be with that nasty slider but he has no control. Didn't Marmol Blow a Save last year strictly with Walks? Avila? Y? Why have a 2nd Catcher?
      So you're looking at finding somewhere to drop Ackley,Brantley,Avila,Lohse,Veras,Marmol. And Bonifacio as mentioned isn't likely an everyday starter with Toronto. So, he may have to leave your team as wll.

    • Bonifacio may not be an everyday starter,and Ackley is very sub par for a fantasy 1st baseman.
      You committed the fantasy cardinal sin od taking a closer before round 10.You could have gotten a solid 2nd baseman,or 1st baseman instead of Kimbrel;And you are still weak at closer.I drafted 4 closers after round 9,and my closers would clobber yours.Because,for one thing Marmol may not even close for the Cubs,,,some new Asian player is now vying for the job.

      If Kyle Seager,and/or Adam Dunn is available I'd dump Ackley & Bonifacio for them.And when B.Beachy goes on the DL,pick him up & stash him on your DL.Also Keep a close eye on Billy Hamilton & Wil Meyers;Then scoop them up quickly if there's ANY talks of them coming up to the majors.Because they are very good,and would improve your offense a ton.Meyers hits for average & power,and Hamilton broke the all time minor league record for steals in a season (155 s.b.s in 133 games.).I'd dump Brantley & Morneau for them.Because you need an influx of speed & power in your offense very badly.

      Good Luck

    • pretty good team. I see you having some problems with Ackley at 1st, try and trade for a guy like Hosmer/David Ortiz

    • Ackley?


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