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  • David David Feb 14, 2013 4:45 PM Flag

    What's the best source for player rankings?

    Does anyone know if the rankings on MockDraftCentral or Baseball Monster are worth paying for? What about FanGraphs?

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    • hey David, i personally dont pay for any rankings from sites. i figure there are so many fantasy writers willing to write their thoughts and comments for free on their blogs etc, might as well use their info. with that said, i do make my own rankings if you want to check them out at hawk fantasy sports. i think personal blogs tend to give the best variety of fantasy info rather than a large pay for it site.

    • I've never seen the need to pay for any rankings. All it is is one group's opinion, plenty of free sites that have opinions as well. You might get a little more in-depth analysis and projections, but you can find that for free as well. What I do each year is start a spreadsheet using one ranking then add in 5 or 6 others and come up with an average. That tends to protect me if one service over or under values a player. Then I refine the average based on league setting and personal preference.

    • I think the top 30-40 are all going to be about the same....After that it's really more luck than anything. Drafting the majority of players who have their "Better" seasons vs. a team with "Down" seasons. My 2011 team. Better. I won my league with 3weeks remaining. My 2012 team. I finished 10th. BA in 2011? .288 in 2012 .261.
      Besides, in paying for info, what are you playing for money-wise? Can you really expect to recoup the cost? Go to all the sites you can with solid Fantasy League history. Espn/CBS/Yahoo and the likes. do Mock drafts see how the people are drafting to honestly find your rankings.

    • dont pay for anything that seems silly

    • nope just go to the free sites then make your own thats what fantasy is all about really taking some other guys ranks like there golden cheapins the experience


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