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  • BrewCrewDue BrewCrewDue Feb 16, 2013 12:24 AM Flag

    Who to Draft

    That's tough to call. Upside yes. But otherwise, youre looking at the aging Santana who's year wasn't all that last season and that could be a sign of his aging decline....meaning the upside is less and less likely to be achieved. To me, when it's down to late rounds, I'm looking at youth picks, guys who have been successful in minors and are either about to start their MLB career like Shelby Miller or got their taste last year like Griffin. These are late round picks and by the end of Spring Training they may not even make the team thus I drop them and seek the next best looking option on waivers.
    My last pick is always a SP. I have no expectations from them and I will either stream this last pick, keeping my eyes on a future stud to make an arrival. Or a pitcher like Griffin who just continues putting up successful numbers. If I'm feeling confident in one of these latest pickups I usually turnover one of my more thought of pitchers I drafted earlier....last year Jordan Zimmerman for an upgrade in batting. It was a 2 for 2 trade, I upgraded my 1b situation and added a utility bat giving up a closer and Zimmerman. In turn, I still maintained that revolving slot of searching for a SP that enabled me to stream in my weekly matchups.
    That's the thing with Pitchers and teams. They are on average going to have 7-8 that become their usual pitching staff throughout the season. Couple injuries, a demotion/promotion. #4/5s have #2potential and attain it that season you have a good staff. Trade away one of the #3s you have someone wants that can't stomach the 4/5starter I'm going with. upgrade my team elsewhere. It works you just have to dig in to the depths in stats on a pitcher.

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    • Thank you for the wealth of advice. This is my second year playing and will be my first draft. Last year ended up being successful for me by picking up high upside guys and using them as complementary pieces in trades to upgrade other positions when they performed well. Buy low, sell high philosophy. I am not sure if that was the reason I did well or the fact that I picked up trout on waivers.


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