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  • Shark Shark Feb 14, 2013 12:50 AM Flag

    Rate my team

    First draft of the season for me. It's a 12 team h2h with standard 5x5 cats.

    C- Miguel Montero
    1B- Freddie Freeman
    2B- Robbie Cano
    SS- Starlin Castro
    3B- David Wright
    OF- Ben Revere
    OF- Aoki Norichika
    OF- Dexter Fowler
    UTL- Ryan Zimmerman
    UTL- Michael Saunders

    BN- Michael Brantley

    SP- Cole Hammels
    SP- Matt Latos
    RP- Tom Wilhelmson
    RP- Chris Perez
    P- Steve Cishek
    P- Jon Broxton
    P- Brandon League
    P- Carlos Marmol

    BN- Max Scherzer
    BN- Yovani Gallardo
    BN- Brandon Morrow
    BN- Anibal Sanchez

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    • 1B- Freeman- Not enough power for a 1B & bats for low average. Need a power hitter @ 1B
      3B- Wright- Power 3B is a must, but Mets stink & will keep his Runs & RBIs low
      OF- Best to go for power OFs who steal a few bases, or 3 pure power OFs & 1 pure base stealer.
      UTL- Saunders- Better another power hitter. An extra 1B or something.

      Pitching: Acceptable, but some mistakes. League isnt getting saves I believe. Since you screwed up your hitting, TRY to trade 1-2 Starters for good hitters. Even if you get stuck with 3 good starters. Troll waivers for SPs during the season if you have to. And make SURE theyre good hitters. For this, dont try to go for 1st rounders. Just make sure theyre bonified power guys that wont drag your average down the gutter.

    • How many closer slots are in your league? First Cishek...I don't believe Marlins are capable of winning over 55games this year. He's going to be lucky to save 25games. Your IF is solid. OF is lacking. I'm high on Aoki too. But Revere,Fowler,Saunders,Brantley(Who just may be DFA'd with Bourn now in Clv) none of them really stand out as being special. I would think I can fill the team with the same type of players off waivers.
      SPs:Good Ks. But you will be lacking in ERA/Whip and Wins as these are frustrating pitchers who either have Par starts or their Team's Offense fails to score any runs resulting wasted solid efforst with No Decision.
      I don't know what to say...Get Myers/Taveras on your watch to replace those OFers upon notice of being called up? You have a good core of players. You must have gone,
      Cano,Wright,Castro,Zimmerman,Hamels,Freeman first 6picks and those are very solid picks. So you have a good core working with. 1-10 I give the team a 5....you should find a suitor of one of those RPs and OFers for just 1 better player overall. Like a Revere/Broxton for an OFer around say your 88-111th selections in your draft.

    • quit fantasy baseball. NOW

    • You are trusting too much on your OF imo... nice IF, good SP rotation and Im not sure if Cishek is worth a roster spot, since Marlins imo wont be winning a lot so... You should mention some key FA


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