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  • Adam Adam Feb 13, 2013 6:17 PM Flag

    Brett Lawrie on the Can't Cut List - ABSURD

    I always like to have one autopick team to see what Yahoo! gives me before I participate in a live draft, then eventually paying for a Pro League. Every year, I'm astounded by some of the pre-draft rankings Yahoo! gives certain players. This year, I was given 3B Brett Lawrie. That's not the end of the world, but Yahoo! has Lawrie ranked as the 61st best player available - I repeat, SIXTY FIRST.

    He's ranked ahead of 3B Chase Headley, who led the NL in RBIs and was an MVP candidate. Just to name off a few non-3B candidates, Lawrie's ranked ahead of Aroldis Chapman, Matt Moore, Kris Medlen, Max Scherzer, Yovani Gallardo, James Shields, Brandon Phillips, Ian Desmond - I could go on naming players who have had established MLB seasons with no reason to not expect those said players won't again have similar or better success.

    My point is, Yahoo! "experts" have decided this is Brett Lawrie's year to breakout, and have, WITHOUT REASON, bumped him up in the rankings, and to top it off - HAVE PLACED LAWRIE ON THE CAN'T CUT LIST. There's nothing to indicate Lawrie will have a breakout year, other than the fact the Jays have acquired some pieces around him.

    So I have to watch Lawrie put up the same pedestrian numbers he did last year through the first two months of the season (he was readily available on the waiver wire months into the season last year) before Yahoo! finally determines "HEY, MAYBE OUR EXPERTS AREN'T REALLY EXPERTS" and remove Lawrie from the Can't Cut List.

    You can't come up with an argument to challenge me on this. If you can, I will trade you Lawrie.

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    • I intentionally passed on Lawrie to get Headley.San Diego is,afterall,bringing in their fences this year.ESPN actually ranks Headley (45),which is higher than Lawrie (58),but 58 is 3 spots HIGHER then what Yahoo ranks him.That is mind boggling.I'd way rather have players in that range like Bourn,B.Phillips,and the players you mentioned.
      Bottom line:Lawrie is way over rated by Yahoo,and ESPN.

    • well im pretty sure hes ranked lower than he was last year. lawrie is one if not the only 3b that has the potential for a 50+ homer/steal combo. while i wouldnt expect him to do that this year, you have to pay for upside. i wonder where hes gonna hit in that lineup. the cant cut list is pretty meaningless though

    • He's a 3b that can Steal Bases. On top of what else he provides. That's why he's ranked higher. And his rookie numbers have a pace setting for over 30HRs 100rbis over 25SBs. with a .292 avg. Toronto's lineup is better this year, he's going to see more pitches to hit. Is it worthy of Can't cut list? the Rookie numbers say so. He is Fantasy relevant. It's better for Yahoo experts to be wrong on overhyping a relevant player than to ignore the potential, list Lawrie around 100 and for Lawrie to make a top 20 Overall Player at year's end. What if he goes 30 and 25? with 100+RBIs?


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