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    Talk me out of this strategy

    Played fantasy baseball for two years now, and every year I draft hitting and worry about pitching later, and I've had mixed results. Now maybe I can't evaluate pitching, and can't identify studs from the waiver wire. But in a h2h, 10 team mixed, would it be nuts at the end of the first round to go kershaw, verlander , or land the top two pitchers? Any ideas ?

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    • I've always drafted Batters with my first 3picks if not 5picks. Some times a Pitcher falls to where I think he's worth more than the hitters I'm mulling over picking in the 4th or 5th round. But Generally, I draft 5batters first. before approaching pitching. 1, the majority of owners will draft batting as well, 2, your batter pick may influx a series of same position picks from owners looking to not get stuck with worst. Think 2b/SS/3b/1b. 1 player can start a sudden full run of them. thus, rather than reaching for a SP that SP still falls another round later.
      Another way to look at it is you're looking at 10/11. Kershaw/Verlander. so then you have 30/31 picks. You're probably picking a 1b/3b just due to what's going to be left at the positions. by the time 50/51 hits. you have missed the stud 2b/OFs. Probably staring at having to pick another SP because you cant lose the advantage K&V gave you. May as well jump the Closer pick as well....70/71 oops I have no Offense! who do I pick....
      You see where that leads you to....The draft no longer falls in to place. You can't make up the quality of bats you missed out on in the top 29picks. You can try but at the same time, you will be worried about the advantage you originally created in Pitching.
      Then you have H2H. Kershaw/Verlander 2starts each one week(Win) 1 start each next week(Any Pitching can overcome) Loss. Batting? Tough to win.....Loss in Batting,Loss in Pitching due to 1start weeks Kershaw/Verlander? Means very poor records on certain weeks.
      Don't do it. You are looking at players like Stanton,Bautista,JUpton,Cargo,Pujols,Votto,Fielder to name a few that 2or those names should be there for 10/11. at 30/31 you can draft Weaver/Gio/Felix/Hamels/Price if you must have 2pitchers....Meanwhile you have the likes of Reyes,Encarnacion,Castro,Bruce,Butler,Granderson to mull over for Offense when choosing Pitchers with 1st two picks. They just aren't the same class.

    • Always hitting over pitching.

      1) A good hitter will help you in 5 standard categories. Even the best starter will only help you in 4 categories because he will never get any saves.

      2) The majority of stats are "counting" stats...including 4 hitting categories (R, HR, RBI, SB). Only 3 pitching categories are "counting" stats (W, K, SV) and starters only help you in two of those categories. The other three categories are "average" statistical categories so they are a #$%$ shoot every week (BA, ERA, WHIP).

      That is all you need to know to understand that in standard scoring category leagues that hitters are far more valuable than pitchers. Take the best hitters you can get that can fill the stat sheet in the 5 standard hitting categories...don't take a single starting pitcher until you have filled all of your standard positional hitter slots (except UTIL).

    • I usually go 4 or #$%$ then a SP, then 2 hitters, and then 2 SP. Then I see where I am. I don'tgo closers until at the earliest 15th round. I also don't look for a C until around the 17th round unless Posey is still around in Round 2 or 3. I also wait on 2Bs until late unless I take Cano as the 4th overall pick in the draft.

    • You need to (at least I do) expand your pre-draft player list to the max (500 players),print it,divide the players in groups of 10 to represent rounds,then in each round HI-LITE players you like.Then from that form the strategy of how strong you want to be in each category;RANK YOUR CATEGORIES SOMEWHERE ON YOUR NEW CREATED CHEAT SHEETS.Then build your team from the order you've ranked your categories.If you value Ks in your top 6 categories,and whip & era in the bottom half,like I do,then you can build your pitching staff around (lots of) bargain flame throwers,and not go for the all around great pitchers ranked in the 1st 3-4 rounds:If you do this I suggest drafting NO offensive backups,but to build your entire bench with SPs & CLOSERS (They get you Ks & Ws on top of saves.).The large quantity of pitchers will then give you an advantage over the smaller pitching staffs with higher ranked pitchers.If you value all the pitching categories over the hitting categories (minus saves),then you can go for SPs early & often,and still build a tough offense around bargain speedsters & power hitters;Because there's plenty of power & speed available after round 4,you just need to find & HI-LITE those players.You'd probably have to sacrifice batting average if you go with bargain speed & power,but then just put batting average at the bottom of your category rankings.You don't need to be good in every category to win your league;IN FACT IT"S BETTER TO BE STRONG IN A SMALL MAJORITY OF CATEGORIES & WEAK IN 2,OR 3 CATEGORIES.Because if you try to be good in every category you stretch your team out too thin,and you have no real go to categories when you go up the tough teams in your league.

    • Set your draft rankings accordingly and go run a coulle dozen auto mock drafts, making sure to pick up a spot from say #10-12. I think you'll notice the difference in stacking aces too early -- your offense will have a noticeable lack of pop. Still, there is some benefit. It's just that pitchers can be very susceptible to wild swings as compared to hitters. In short, it's a risk that most aren't willing to take. Take a pitcher early, but not two or three before the 6/7th rounds.

    • 2 pitchers with your first 2 picks is a big risk. One thing I do notice is that people tend to try and trade for pitching after the draft, so if you wind up loading up on a lot of big name pitchers you could probably flip them for a nice return.

      Standard H2H - Bats first is the proven method. As long as you aren't burning middle round picks on closers you'll be fine taking SP's starting in the 5th round or so.

    • go hitting first unless a top pitcher drops then swipe them up but like everyone is saying you can get good piching later.
      Help me out too please

    • I think that is sound strategy if you are sitting at the end of a snake draft.

    • i think its a valid strategy though not one i use at all. i think you would have to keep drafting good pitchers including relievers and then try to get hitters that get runs and steals since they are usually around the latest. you would likely be punting a hitting category or two though

    • pitching cats. are easier to manage also. Try looking at what kind of team you can draft if you totally discount batting adv.

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