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  • Geo Geo Feb 12, 2013 4:47 PM Flag


    14 Team H2H

    I need to keep 4.
    Right now I'm it's Hamilton(Cf, Lf), Heyward(Rf), Zobrist(2nd, Ss, Rf), Headley(3rd)

    I was offered Starlin Castro(Ss)and a 9th round pick for my 6th round.
    Do I take this and who do I leave out? (Probaly Headley)

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    • I'd take that in heart beat.
      Castro is a solid play at a very weak position.

      Do you have to give anything up for the keepers? or is it just a striaght keeper?
      assuming its all equal I'd leave Zobrist... I don't think the regression will nearly as bad as everyone seems to believe with headley. He's a solid 25hr 15sb .280avg with Zobrist you're giving up .010avg and 5+hr for 5sb(which are easier to address) so extra sb and the now meaningles SS elig.(With castro now there for you) puts him out for me. Though it's still close.