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  • Aaron Aaron Feb 12, 2013 2:14 PM Flag

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    Bored so I decided to do a mock. What do you think? 10th pick in round 1. I usually go all offense the first 6 rounds since pitching is always so deep. And after last year, I don't put a lot of trust in closers so I hold off as long as possible on them.

    12T, H2H.

    C- Sal Perez
    1B- Prince
    2B- Zobrist
    3B- Lawrie
    SS- Reyes
    OF- Bautista
    OF- Holliday
    OF- Victorino
    Util- Middlebrooks
    Util- Aybar (I think he's going to have a great year)
    BN- Lorenzo Cain, Seager, Daniel Murphy, Belt

    SP- Moore, Zimmermann, Fister, CJ Wilson, Brett Anderson, Ogando, AJ Griffin
    RP- Kenley Jansen, Rondon, Marmol

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    • 10th pick why did you go with price? wasn't car-go , fielder , stars , verlander , tulo , there? thats crazy i would never go with price as my 10th pick . sorry just saying

      -Team .... its soild middlebrooks could miss the hole season maybe not idk your'e hitting is good pitching has some floors like jensen (isn't closing) Marmol (very inconsistent) but i like moore and zimmermann alot rate- 8 out of 10.

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      • Why go Prince? The guy is a machine. 30+ HRs, a .290 AVG, and 100+ RBIs from him is almost a lock. And he's in a lethal lineup. I don't need elite SP like JV, Strasburg, or Kershaw that early; I can get my SP later on. For my early round picks, I want elite guys that I can rely on. CarGo and Tulo are always injury concerns whereas Prince is very reliable to be in the lineup everyday. Can't win a league without your 1st rounders on the DL.

        And like I said, after last season's closers constantly changing for nearly every team, I'm not going to waste mid-round picks on closers when they are 2-3 blown saves away from losing their closers role. Rather draft SPs and UTIL/bench hitters. Unless Jansen's heart problems aren't solved, Jansen will be the closer for the Dodgers; his stuff is too nasty not to be. Marmol is garbage, yes.

    • It's an OK team. Nice balance of power/speed. Like your later round choice of pitchers.

      Q: Why do you think Aybar is going to have a great year? It's not like he's only been in the league for a year or two.

      In a H2H league that can reset lineups daily, you want to use your bench to extend your SP's.

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      • I think Aybar hitting 2nd behind Trout and in front of Pujols/Hamilton/Trumbo would be awesome for him. Lot of fastballs since pitchers won't want to pitch to Pujols with guys on. He's gonna get on base a ton and steal a lot and most importantly, score a ton. Only downside to him hitting second is when Trout gets on and he has to bunt him over or something of that nature.


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