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  • Tom Tom Feb 11, 2013 7:30 PM Flag

    Dynasty trades.

    20 team, H2H, OPS and holds added

    which, if any, would you prefer

    Middlebrooks for Harvey

    Longoria and Betancourt for Cueto, Hultzen or Skaggs, and a 1st round prospect pick

    pick would be late top ten, I'd expect to take one of the top 5 picks from this years draft. Jose Fernandez is the only other elite prospect not taken in previous years. Ryu, Gyorko, and Rondon are also free and would allow me to use a roster spot instead of one of our two minor league slots to draft each year.

    I need pitching (especially young pitching) and have Cabrera also at 3B

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    • He officially proposed Longoria for Cueto, Hultzen and the 14th pick

      I'm gonna try and throw in Betancourt to get his 6th pick instead and a prospect (Singleton would be the target)

      To add a bit the closers value, for some reason people would rather punt saves then pay a premium for closers in this league. Most teams either have three or zero and neither sees one closer as going to make a difference. I've went into each of the last two seasons with an extra closer and am only able to get scraps for them.

      It says there is one more reply than I see, can someone copy the newest reply for me when they post so I can see it?

    • I love Harvey!!! That is a trade I'd do.

    • if you believe in harvey giving middlebrooks for him is solid. youre giving up a lot in the second trade seems risky

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      • Betancourt is my fourth closer and unnecessary in this deep of a league. The first round pick is more than I could get for him in the open market. I'm more concerned that getting one pitcher with half a year's experience isn't enough of a boost for my pitching.

        I proposed the trade as just Longoria for the other three as he said all were available for a top power bat, Betancourt is just who I'd add if I needed to throw in. I honestly liked the deal better before I looked up the prospects still available.

        I'd rank top 10 (i think it's 8th pick but we do weird reseeding for draft) as Buxton, Zunino, Fernandez, Correa, Zimmer, Gausman, Gyorko, Almora, Syndergaard, Ryu

        I actually like Almora more than Gyorko but getting the extra prospect for him works.