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  • solow solow Feb 11, 2013 5:06 PM Flag

    Which 4 should I keep in my 10 team roto keeper league?

    I draft 5th of 10 in a snake round. Rules are you give up round they were picked in last year, unless they were FA/waiver wire, which means you give up last round pick and then round above that if last round of draft is filled by another player.

    For batters, I have Votto (round 1), Pedroia (2), Holliday (4), Lawrie (5), Choo (7), Mauer (9), Austin Jackson (20), and Papi Ortiz (FA)

    For pitching, I have Chris Sale (FA, I give up my last round), Brett Anderson (FA), Shelby Miller (FA), Cliff Lee (3), Latos (11).

    I'm thinking of keeping Votto, Holliday, Jackson, and Sale, although I could replace Holliday with Papi. Jackson and Sale are great value being drafted 20th and 22nd rounds. Papi would be 21st round.

    Advice???? Thanks!


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